New York Romance

New York Romance


5. Monday morning

Monday morning

Beep beep beep beep beep

It was my alarm clock.

If I want to be by Chanel on time, I needed to get up at 5pm.

But I just got to get use to it, if I really want this job. And I do!

I got up and made me some toast with jam on, while I was looking out the window. It was an incredible view I'm glad that I can watch this view every morning now.

Now I had to brush my teeth, do my makeup, get dressed and all that jazz.

It all went really quick, I still got 1 hour left to get ready. With all that time, I took my time to pack my bag, choose an other outfit, and then I was out the door.

I called after a cap, and I was on my way.

10 min. later

I checked in with my permanent card I got, and up to the 5th floor, checked in again and found my office.

It's so cool. I got my own office with a sew machine, phone, computer and design paper that I could draw my ideas on.

We had our own little Starbucks corner were we could make our own coffee, like how cool is that:)

2 hours later

My phone in my office called. It was Sophie she wanted me in her office right away.

I quickly walked down to her office.

She said

- hey Isabelle, I know that it's your first day, but I want to challenge you, cause I think that you have an incredible talent.

- sure what can I do for you.

- I want you to sew a whole new dress, to a special customer.

- Awesome, who's the customer?

- it's for Gwen Stefani, and she says that the only thing she absolutely want, is our logo on the dress.

- Okay I will do my best

- Good, here's her number, so you can call her for some more information.

- Great, I'm honored.

- You should be, you're very lucky. But it's only because I think that you're special.

- Thanks Sophie, as I promised, I won't let you do.

- That's what I'm looking for, now go, your very busy.

- Okay, see ya later

- Yeah

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