New York Romance

New York Romance


2. I'm coming NY

I'm coming NY

So now I'm on the plain, and I'm so excited. I see the clouds and I can just feel the new air. But no, the new air was just the bad air plain food.

HAHA just kidding. But I think you need to know more about me so, here it is:

I'm from Denmark in Europe. Yes I know Denmark is a pretty boring country but at least we have a lots of freedom. BUT I knew I was going to be something big when I grew up. So when I was just a little girl, I started to draw dresses and outfits.

When turned 14 I wished I would become a designer. But my mom said: " Do what ever you want but there is bad things there would come when you start, but don't worry you will succeed and you will be known by everyone".

And sins then I knew what I wanted to do.

AAAND that was almost my life story but you will know more about me soon.

13 hours later:

FINALLY I can finally feel the ground, I'm out of that smell of baby's and bad air plain food.

2 hours later:

I'm sitting in a taxi to my new apartment. I got enough money to a nice home, by Central Park. It's a very nice place and NOT CHEAP. But luckily I may get the job at Chanel.

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