Beating Heart

Its about Luke Brooks that has a crush on this girl (Annebelle) when he was 8 and she moved to LA and they re-united after 10 years.. we brought all the Janoskians in and their songs as well as twin bonding and a little bit of a twist...


7. Twin Bonding

Jai took Luke to Annabelle's parents house. When he got there, Luke gave his condolences to her parents and they comforted each other. "Luke, Annabelle has a present for you for your upcoming birthday, she was going to give it to you on Sunday, but I'll go get it quickly."Annabelle's mum went up to her  bedroom to get the present while Luke, Jai and Annabelle's father were sitting in the lounge. Her mum came back and gave him the wrapped gift. After a while of being in her house he couldn't take it anymore and Jai took him to the park. "Luke I'm really sorry for what happened. You do know it's not your fault." Jai said, he knew his brother and he knew he was blaming himself for what happened. "I know that but I should have told her to stop drinking, I should have made her listen." "Luke you know she wouldn't have she was being so stubborn. How do you think Skip feels, he was the one who kept pouring us drinks? He thinks you hate him now." Luke was crying again and Jai held him for a while. "I don't hate him, it's not his fault he should not feel guilty. I'm the guilty one here." "Stop! Saying that or ill kick your ass! You got me?" Luke just shook his head.

"Jai  would you mind opening my gift for me? I really want to see it but I'm afraid to open it. "Luke said passing Jai the gift. He slowly tore the gift wrap off, and saw an extraordinary photo in a frame. He passed it to Luke. It was a photo of Annabelle's hand and on the side of her pinky with the writing "Luke B and a little heart next to it." There was a note attached, "hey baby! so you were probably wondering where your camera disappeared to, I borrowed it to take this picture I got the tattoo in Paris and kept it secret I wanted to surprise you on your birthday, I love you so much Luke Brooks, Happy birthday my gorgeous boyfriend" Luke's eyes were burning from all the crying he had no more tears left. "Love you brother but we need to get your mind off of it" Jai said. "Okay just wait I need to do something quick." Luke said, he took out his phone and took a photo of his gift, he uploaded it too Instagram with the caption saying; "We weren't just soul mates, but we were also Best Friends. I Love you Annabelle Stone. Always have, Always will. You will be extremely missed." Jai then took Luke home, and they tried doing the most funniest things they could possibly think of to cheer Luke up. But Luke couldn't stop thinking about Annebelle...   


                                                                                        -The END-

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