Beating Heart

Its about Luke Brooks that has a crush on this girl (Annebelle) when he was 8 and she moved to LA and they re-united after 10 years.. we brought all the Janoskians in and their songs as well as twin bonding and a little bit of a twist...


5. Special Night

They got on their flight back to LA and took a cab home. When they got home he told the guys all about their little vacation in Paris. The next day he called Annabelle and told her to get ready he's taking her for a romantic picnic on the beach to watch the sunset together. In the car Luke and Jai's favorite song played and he turned the volume up, " Ahhh not this song!" she said and placed her hand on her face. Luke was shocked and said "what's wrong with this song?" She gave a little giggle and said " I hate This fucking song" smiling at Luke, but he knew she was  just joking around and laughed.

[After The Picnic]

They Headed back to Luke's house Annabelle was spending the night there, the night when they took their relationship to the next level. They headed to the bedroom kissing each other passionately and suddenly Luke stopped and asked Annabelle "are you sure you want to go this far??" She kissed him and whispered, " I love you Luke, and I know the feeling is mutual, I really want this, with you" She threw him on the bed and took of her dress, standing there in her underwear, then she got on top of Luke and started kissing him, while unbuttoning his shirt. Looking  at his muscular body, he smiled at her and took her hair out of her face tugging it behind her ear "you're so beautiful  in every way. I love you so much" he said. they took off their underwear and disappeared under the sheets. sparks were flying and magic happened. she softly moaned in his ear and scratched his back, "i love you Luke Brooks." she whispered but she felt like screaming it out loud.

The next morning Annabelle had to leave so she kissed his forehead, and left a note saying that she loved him and that she has to go home to get ready for her sister's baby shower. A few minutes after Annabelle left Jai entered the room waking him up. we going to the beach get up you cunt." he said jumping on him. The guys headed to the beach and played some volleyball, when Beau suddenly noticed scratch marks on Luke’s back he asked him what happened but Luke only smiled and tried to hide what really happened and covered it up with a lie. "a tree scratched me" he said. Beau looked at him with a smirk on his face. "you lying, you did it, last night, you had sex!" Luke blushed and said. " yeah it was magical, it was her first time."Hmmmm That's what she said!" Beau said laughing and threw Luke with the volleyball.




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