Beating Heart

Its about Luke Brooks that has a crush on this girl (Annebelle) when he was 8 and she moved to LA and they re-united after 10 years.. we brought all the Janoskians in and their songs as well as twin bonding and a little bit of a twist...


4. Paris

Luke decided to show his love to Annabelle, by planning a trip to Paris since it is the city of love. He went to the rest of the group and asked them what they think about this idea. James answered with excitement in his voice what are you still doing here? go over there and tell her she must pack her things, you are taking her to Paris"

When he arrived at her house he rang the door bell with excitement, when she came to the door she said "well this is a lovely surprise and kissed him" He told her about going to Paris while she made him some coffee. When she heard that they are leaving tomorrow night, she was shocked and started packing and immediately started thinking about buying new clothes..

[Departing For Paris]

They got on the plane with excitement and couldn't stop talking about all the places she wants to see. When they arrived in Paris they took their luggage to the hotel and spent the day sleeping, then they went out for dinner, after dinner Luke took Annabelle up to the Eiffel Tower to look at the view of Paris, "This view is so beautiful Annabelle said" Luke looked at Annabelle and said "That's not the only thing beautiful and gave her a kiss under the moonlight".

[Waking Up In Paris]

When Luke woke up he saw that Annabelle was missing and found a letter on her pillow saying "Hey You, I just quickly ran out, but go back to bed, I'll return before you know it, Love You" She came back  with matching T-shirts with the writing "His" and "Hers" on it. On the table she saw a bunch of roses and a stack of pancakes with cream written on them saying "I Love You" She laid the T-shirts out on the bed and started eating the pancakes that Luke made for her, Luke was still in the shower and knew nothing about the surprise she had for him….

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