Beating Heart

Its about Luke Brooks that has a crush on this girl (Annebelle) when he was 8 and she moved to LA and they re-united after 10 years.. we brought all the Janoskians in and their songs as well as twin bonding and a little bit of a twist...


3. First Date

"I'm sorry for coming to your house uninvited and acting all weird but would you mind going for coffee, so we could maybe get to know each other better?” Annabelle gave a little laugh and said "I don't mind as long as you paying for it and winked at him. With raised eyebrows he asked "do you know who I am? like do you remember a small handsome boy from when you were 8?" It took her a while to answer" Oh yeah a real looker but his name was Jai..."She said smiling Luke's face dropped and he immediately took a sip of his coffee. "hey I'm just messing around to be honest I've known it was you since last night when you looked at me." "You know I had a pretty big crush on you then" he said blushing. as pathetic as it might sound I never stopped crushing on you, and I must say I'm proud of what you achieved. "her words somehow meant the world to Luke and when she lightly put her hand on his he gave a little jump. "Sorry! uhm... it was just unexpected a week after you left my Mum held me when I couldn't stop crying the one night and she told me, No promised me a day would come that I'll see you again, and that made it able for me to go on! with you on my mind all the time... in time I got use to the fact that you're gone and got my first girlfriend in grade six, but no one could replace you..." I haven't dated since." He stopped talking, suddenly Annebelle broke out in laughter. He asked "what's so funny?" She stopped and said " You know you Haven't changed, since  you were little when you felt awkward for not knowing what to say you start babbling about something personal, but I find it cute" He started blushing once again time flew by and he asked her on a date for tomorrow night... 

[Date Night]

He didn't know what to wear and after changing his outfit 3 times he decided on the first one. When they got there he told her some of the silly things they have done for dares, they were at a little restaurant on the beach and she had the most extraordinary white dress on. The waiter came to their table to take their order. Annabelle ordered a salad, Luke looked at her smiling and said "you know real girls eat cake?" She gave a little laugh and then decided to order the chocolate mousse cake, Luke gave her a wink and a cute smile. She looked at him smiling when she took the first bite of the cake and said " you're right real girls do eat cake and gave a cute smile."

[End Of Date Night]

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