Beating Heart

Its about Luke Brooks that has a crush on this girl (Annebelle) when he was 8 and she moved to LA and they re-united after 10 years.. we brought all the Janoskians in and their songs as well as twin bonding and a little bit of a twist...


1. Childhood

Luke and Annabelle were playing in the park like most 8 year olds would do, jumping on the trampoline, pushing each other on the swings and just having a laugh.

Until Annabelle suddenly stopped pushing Luke... "Hey Lukie we need to talk" she said, there was something unusual in the way she said it. "Sure where would you like to talk?"Luke said looking worried "let's go sit on the bench if you don't mind" he followed her to the bench and asked her what it was that was bothering her, she looked at him with tears in her eyes and she said "I'm leaving..." for some reason she stopped talking and looked away.

When their eyes met again, her cheeks were wet "I'm moving to Los Angeles "she finally said. "Why? don't you want to stay Annie? Luke asked." Luke didn't quite understand what was going on. Annabelle honey come now, say your goodbyes so that we can finish up packing" her mom shouted from the other side of the park. Annabelle stood up and said "I have to go now. I'll miss you Lukie "Luke gave her a hug and shyly kissed her cheek" and said I'll never forget you with a sad look upon his face...

[10 Years Later The Janoskians Moved To LA To Pursue Their Dreams]

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