Can You Hear Me?

The 5SOS boys are having a great time touring and travelling the world together. Until, one day, something goes terribly wrong...


5. Wake Up!

Calum's P.O.V

The next morning we headed back to the hospital to visit Luke. When we got to the door I could see Michael asleep in the chair next to Luke's bed curled up with a blanket, breathing deeply. I was tentative to open the door as I didn't want to wake him up.

"Cal, why are we still outside?" asked Ashton from behind me.

"Look.." I said quietly, pointing through the glass panel in the door.

"Wow, Mikey looks exhausted.." said Ashton quietly, yawning slightly.

"So do you.. Did you get any sleep?" I asked gently, noticing Ashton's dark rings under his eyes.

"A bit.. Maybe 4 hours.." said Ashton wearily, rubbing his eyes.

"What time is it now?" I asked quietly, looking for a clock somewhere in the corridor.

"It's 8 am.." yawned Ashton as he checked his watch.

"Should we come back later?" I asked quietly, looking through the door again.

"I think it's alright, we'll be quiet.." said Ashton quietly, pushing the door open as gently as possible.

We walked over to the chairs beside Luke's bed and sat down gently, being careful not to wake Michael or Luke.

"Cal, Ash?" asked Michael groggily, cracking his eyes open a little.

"Morning Michael, how'd you sleep?" I asked gently as Michael blinked slowly, trying to wake up more.

"What time is it?" he asked tiredly, yawning widely.

"About 8am.." said Ashton wearily, stifling his own yawn.

"I got like, 2 hours sleep.." said Michael quietly, sounding exhausted.

"How about I get you some coffee?" asked Ashton kindly, standing up from his seat.

Michael nodded slightly and Ashton and I headed to the cafeteria to get him some coffee. We headed back into Luke's room about 10 minutes later and Michael was starting to doze off again.

"Mikey, we got the coffee.." I said gently, setting the cup in front of him.

"Thanks.." mumbled Michael tiredly, taking the cup and sipping gently.

"I wonder when he'll wake up.." I thought aloud, causing Michael and Ashton to both shrug their shoulders at me.

That night, Ashton and I headed home again to try and get some sleep. Michael stayed at the hospital again, refusing to move until he knew Luke was ok.

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