Can You Hear Me?

The 5SOS boys are having a great time touring and travelling the world together. Until, one day, something goes terribly wrong...


6. Finally...

Luke's P.O.V

I became aware of a throbbing pain in my head and I tried to open my eyes slightly. My eyelids felt heavy and I only just managed to get them open. All I saw was unfocused shapes in a darkened room. I blinked a few times to focus my vision and I saw someone asleep in the chair beside me.

"Unnh.." I groaned weakly, causing the person in the chair to stir slightly.

"Lukey?" asked a familiar voice, who I recognised as Michael.

"M-Mikey?" I asked groggily, my eyes starting to droop closed.

"Shh, just rest Luke.." said Michael gently as I fell asleep.

I was drawn back to awareness with three loud voices.

"Guys, keep it down.." I groaned weakly, cracking my eyes open slightly.

"Lukey, you're awake!" yelled Calum excitedly causing me to wince slightly.

"Cal, too loud.." I whined quietly, my head pounding.

"Sorry.. How are you feeling?" asked Calum gently, lowering his voice.

"Like I've been hit by a train.. What happened to me?" I asked weakly, trying to sit up.

"Hey, stay still Lukey.. What do you remember?" asked Ashton gently.

"The concert.. I was really cold.. I went to the bathroom and then I must've blacked out.. Then there was a doctor with something really cold... You guys took me outside and there was a police officer who drove us somewhere in his car and then I don't remember anything..." I said weakly, managing to sit semi upright.

"You had a raging fever Luke.. You were lucky we got you here.. You had a fit.." said Michael quietly, sounding distressed.

"A fit? How high was the fever?" I asked hurriedly.

"41.9 degrees.. They had to put you in an ice bath.." said Calum quietly, a worried expression on his face.

"41.9?!" I exclaimed in shock, sitting bolt upright causing the room to spin.

"Luke, lay down.." warned Michael hastily, helping me to lay down.

I squeezed my eyes shut, the dizziness making my head hurt more. When the room had stopped spinning, I opened my eyes again and the other three boys were giving me disapproving looks.

"What can cause a fever that high?" I asked weakly, my head still pounding.

"You have the flu.. Pretty nasty case of it too.." said Michael quietly.

"That explains a lot..." I said weakly, tiredness beginning to drag me into darkness.

I tried to fight off the sleep and the other boys shook their heads at me.

"Lukey, you need rest.." said Michael gently.

"I'm alright.. I don't have to sleep..." I said weakly, my eyelids becoming heavy.

"Luke, it's ok. Sleep.." said Ashton gently, nodding at me.

I finally let sleep drag me under and the last thing I knew before drifting off was the three boys smiling gently at me and the regular beep of the heart monitor I was hooked up to.

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