Can You Hear Me?

The 5SOS boys are having a great time touring and travelling the world together. Until, one day, something goes terribly wrong...


4. Call A Doctor!

Michael's P.O.V

"He's taking a long time.. Maybe one of us should go see where he is.." I said quietly, worry spreading through me. "I'll go.." I continued as I got out of the car.

I ran back into the backstage area of the arena and headed towards the bathroom. As I reached the darkened corridor that lead to the toilets, I noticed someone lying on the floor just outside the toilet door. Terror hit me as I recognised the t-shirt and blonde hair - it was Luke.

"Luke!" I yelled desperately, running towards him in terror. "Luke, Luke look at me.." I said anxiously, kneeling beside him.

"Michael?" asked a familiar voice from behind me.

I turned to see one of the stage crew, Daniel, running towards me.

"Daniel, do we have a tour doctor here?" I asked frantically, worry setting in.

"Yeah, why? What's wrong? Are you hurt?" asked Daniel with concern, pulling out his walkie talkie.

"No, it's Luke.. He's really sick.." I said quickly, nodding my head towards Luke, still unconscious on the floor in front of me.

Daniel gasped slightly and paged the doctor. A few moments later he reassured me that help was coming and he dashed away. I pulled out my phone and dialled Ashton's number hastily.

"Mikey, what's taking so long?" asked Ashton impatiently as he answered the phone.

"Ash, you have to come back inside!" I said loudly, frantically trying to wake Luke up.

"Why? Has something happened?" asked Ashton quietly, sounding quite worried.

"It's Luke.. Hurry!" I said frantically, hanging up the phone.

I picked Luke up gently and carried him down to the end of the corridor and set him back down on the floor. A few moments later, Ashton and Calum sprinted into the arena and ran over to us.

"Luke?!" exclaimed Ashton anxiously, kneeling down along with Calum and I.

"He can't be cold.." said Calum in confusion, noticing Luke's shivering.

"He isn't.." said Ashton quietly, feeling Luke's sweating forehead gently.

"Huh? He's shivering though.." asked Calum quietly.

"He's burning up.." said Ashton quietly, his voice shaking slightly.

"Boys, I'm doctor Wills.." said a kindly voice behind us.

"You have to help him!" I yelled in terror.

"What seems to be the problem?" asked Dr Wills gently, kneeling beside the still unconscious Luke.

"He was under the weather yesterday and today but he kept insisting that he was fine.." I said quietly, grabbing a hold of Luke's hand gently.

Dr Wills pulled out his thermometer and put it gently into Luke's ear. After a few moments, the thermometer began to beep rapidly, a red light flashing on the screen.

"Boys, he needs the hospital.. He needs to be cooled down urgently.. A fever this high could kill him..." said Dr Wills anxiously, putting the thermometer on the floor in front of him and placing a cold pack on Luke's forehead.

I picked up the thermometer and looked at the screen. My heart sunk as I saw the temperature reading.

"Michael, how high is it?" asked Ashton quietly, his mouth curved into a frown.

"40.6 degrees.." I said quietly, setting the thermometer down again.

"Oh shit!" yelled Calum in terror, causing Luke to crack his eyes open slightly.

"Cal.. Keep it down.." groaned Luke weakly, raising a hand to his head and trying to sit up.

"Woah, stay still Lukey.. You're not well.." I said gently, pushing his shoulders down a little.

"Mikey, I'm cold.." groaned Luke weakly, curling up slightly.

"You have a high fever, we're taking you to the hospital.." said Ashton gently, trying to help Luke stand up.

When we got him standing, I noticed just how pale he was. We went as quickly as we could back towards the car park, Ashton and I half-carrying Luke and Calum running ahead.

"Boys, stop.. Please.." groaned Luke weakly about halfway to our car.

We stopped running and Luke swayed on the spot, blinking rapidly.

"Luke?" I asked in concern, putting my hand on his shoulder.

"Mikey, everything is spinning.." said Luke weakly, closing his eyes tightly.

"Ash, sit him down for a minute or two.." I said quietly, helpings Ashton lower Luke to the ground slowly.

Luckily for us, Dr Wills had called for help and a police car drove over to us. The officer rolled down the window slightly as he pulled up in front of us so we could hear him talk.

"Boys, they couldn't send any ambulances unfortunately, but I'll help you out.. I'll get you there as fast as possible..." said the police officer kindly.

"Luke, can you stand?" I asked gently, looking towards my sick band mate.

"Yeah, I think so.." said Luke weakly, managing to get to his feet.

We all got into the police car- Calum in the front and Ashton, Luke and I sharing the backseat. I noticed that Luke was barely awake and that he had broken a sweat again.

"Boys, we're almost there, try to keep him awake.." said the policeman gently, turning onto the road that the hospital was on.

"Luke, you have to stay awake.." I said sternly, nudging him slightly and replacing the cold pack on his forehead.

"M'tired.." mumbled Luke weakly, slightly closing his eyes.

"No, keep your eyes open.. You have to stay awake.." said Ashton anxiously, a stern tone in his voice.

Luke cracked his eyes open weakly and groaned slightly.

"That's it Luke, stay with us.." I said gently, trying to keep him awake.

As we reached the hospital, the policeman parked his car and we all got out.

"M-Mikey..." groaned Luke weakly, swaying slightly.

"Lukey?" I asked gently, turning to face him. "Lukey?!" I exclaimed in horror as he collapsed into me, his eyes closed and his breathing shallow and rapid.

"Michael, what's wr..." started Ashton hastily, turning to face me. "Luke! Luke, wake up!" he yelled anxiously, eyes wide in shock.

I picked Luke up and Ashton, Calum and I ran inside the emergency department and to the reception desk.

"Please, you have to help us!" I yelled frantically as we reached the desk.

"Slow down, what's wrong?" asked the receptionist gently.

"We need a doctor, now!" I yelled in terror, feeling Luke growing slowly warmer.

"There's a line young man.." said the receptionist in a stern voice.

"Please, he has a fever.." I whined impatiently, anger starting to build.

"How bad?" she asked quietly.

"40.6 last time it was checked.." I said quietly, holding back my frustration.

"He needs to be cooled down.." said the receptionist hastily, getting up from her seat. "Follow me.." she said quickly, heading out the back.

Suddenly Luke began to twitch slightly in my arms causing me to panic.

"Lukey?" I asked in shock, shaking him slightly.

"What's wrong?" asked the receptionist gently, turnings to face us.

"He's getting worse.." I said anxiously, setting Luke gently down on a spare bed.

Luke began to twitch more and Ashton, Calum and I all panicked. The receptionist ran to get a thermometer and we watched helplessly as Luke convulsed in front of us. A few moments later, the receptionist came back with a thermometer and a doctor.

"Why is this happening?" I asked in terror as the doctor took Luke's temperature.

The thermometer beeped and the doctors eyes widened.

"What is it?" I asked quietly, trying to look at it.

"His temperature.. He's needs to be cooled down immediately... This could kill him.." said the doctor hurriedly, putting the thermometer away.

"What's his temperature?" asked Ashton quietly.

"It's 41.9" said the doctor with a grim expression.

"Ash, it's gone up a whole 1.3 degrees in 20 minutes.." I said in shock, sinking into a chair.

"Hey, it'll be alright.." said Ashton reassuringly as the doctor wheeled Luke's bed away.

About an hour later the doctor returned into the waiting area and we all stood up eagerly.

"Is he alright?" I asked frantically, my eyes wide.

"Has the fever gone down?" asked Calum hastily.

"Can we see him?" asked Ashton hurriedly.

"Boys, one at a time.." said the doctor quietly, looking overwhelmed. "He's stable.. We managed to lower the fever to 39.3 degrees and you can see him, but try to be quiet.. He needs to rest.."

We all headed into Luke's room and sat in the three chairs around his bed. He looked so small hooked up to all those machines, even though he was the tallest in the band.

"Lukey.. You should've told us.." I said quietly, hanging my head slightly.

"Hey, he's gonna be fine Mikey, you'll see..." said Ashton gently, putting his hand on my shoulder.

I nodded slightly, raising my head to look at him. Calum gave me a reassuring smile and I tried to smile back but I was too worried about Luke. A few hours later Ashton and Calum left the hospital to head back to the hotel. I stayed behind and fell asleep in the chair as it got to dawn and the sun was starting to rise.

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