Adventure Of Zombie

3 kids that live in London and come together from the crowd, then they become a best friend whom had the same dream, they study with each other from kindergarten to work and never had any arguments. They all work as a Police which named as "FBI", but one day the leader of FBI got the news from TV channel "Strange Discovery" said that there was a city that lives with full of zombies and the leader of FBI want them to go and save Los Angeles and that's how everything started from here.


1. "Everything That Started"

[Put yourself into the story, so that way you will feel the theme of the story]

{If you are male then your character is Justin and if you are female then your character is Katherine}

Characters: (Justin) (Alax) (Katherine)

(Katherine is typing on her MacBook while talking to Justin and Alex in the one of the FBI office room)

Katherine: I'm ready for the trip!

Justin: Oh, that's good so that we can start our adventure trip to save the world! Oh my god I'm so excited.

Alex: But it's also dangerous, I need to write a letter to my parents in case for I can't come back...

Katherine: come on man! Why are you so scared for? As long as we have the guns in hand none of the stupid zombie can touch us.

Justin: Well, Kather is right! Just calm yourself down everything is going to be alright. Trust me!

Alex: Hope so! This is going to be a long, dangerous adventure trip. So when are we going there?

Katherine: this question should be asked by me, I am already for that since I heard the leader told me that and now I am waiting for you guys!

Justin: Me too! I've standby! So 2 of us were ready and what about Alex? Are you ready?

Alex: Not yet, I still feel a little bit of nervous.

Justin: Huh? Why?

Katherine: Seriously? Dude, you should be ready by this time.

Alex: I'm sorry! I thought I was ready too, but all of a sudden I just doesn't feel alright. My brain just can't calm down and keep thinking bout crazy stuffs!

Justin: haha... Alex you watched too many movies, by the way I'm going to get some coffee anyone want to join me to the coffee shop?

Katherine: Me!

Justin: Hey Alex, you want to join?

Alex: No, I want to stay here and relax myself.

Justin: Ok takes your time, bye!

Katherine: Bye Alex! Alex: Hey Kather can you buy me a cappuccino please? Katherine: Ok, sure!

(When Justin and Katherine came back home, they saw Alex is sleeping on the sofa without any blanket so Katherine takes Alex's jacket and cover on him)

Katherine: I think he got too much pressure by that case.

Justin: yep, he is.

Katherine: do you think you can help him out?

Justin: I can't but you can!

Katherine: Huh? How?

Justin: you know that he loves you since we study in primary school right? Haha, so go and give him a sweet hug or kiss maybe that will recover his brave. (Laughing out loud)

Katherine: (face-palm and hit Justin's arm)

Justin: Ok, I'm sorry. I'm just kidding lol! Bye, lady gotta go home! Have a nice day though!

(Justin gives her a wink and smile then walk out of the room)

"The next 2 days morning"

(While Justin and Katherine preparing guns, bombs and bullets, suddenly Alex walk in and talk to them)

Alex: I'm ready!

(Justin and Katherine appear smile on their face)

Justin: great!

Katherine: so let's prepare together and we will set off after we prepared, ok?

Alex: sure!

Justin: of cause!

Katherine: well, we've finished packing so let's head to FBI helicopter station.

(You guys run to the top building of the police station and you saw more than a hundred of helicopters) Justin: We're here!

Alex: yeah!

Katherine: why does you guys act like you have never see helicopter? let's get in!

(As you get in the helicopter with them and you started the engine of the helicopter and leave the police station of London)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What do you except to happen next?

Could they survive?



[To read more please wait for our new update on Chapter 2 "A New Member"]


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