The Perfect Cliché (Luke Hemmings)

He was a bad boy and I was a good girl. It couldn't get anymore obvious than that.

But it's for those reasons that we were the perfect cliché.


2. New Girl

Lucy's POV


I looked around as the students started entering into the room. I sat there awkwardly as everyone found their way to their seats and four, if I may say so, very hot boys came and sat either side of me. They were wearing varsity jackets so I knew they had to be on the soccer team. I gave them uneasy looks and they all seemed to smirk at me. I shook my head at them, blocking them out and focused on the teacher. I noticed nearly everyone had noticed my presence and a few people where even whispering while looking over at me.


"I can tell you have all noticed our new student who will be joining us this year. She's come all the way from London in the UK and I expect you all to be nice and welcoming to her. Would you like to come up and say something about yourself?" The teacher asked. I sighed and nodded my head. I got up from my seat and walked to the front of the class nervously. I looked to the teacher who nodded for me to continue.


I sucked in a deep breath before speaking. "Uh, hi everyone. I'm Lucy. I'm from central London and I moved here because my Mom got a new job," I started. I looked at everyone and they all seemed to be bored. So I decided to tell them something more interesting. "I'm also in a band with my older brother and his two friends and I'm one of the best skater girls in the world." As I said that, everyone seemed more alert. Everyone was mumbling with smiles on their faces.


"Looks like we have our very own celebrity here!" The teacher announced. "Right, so its free period for you all now so you can do what you want just stay here in the class." The teacher said clapping his hands together. I walked back to my seat and ignored the boys.


"Hey, I'm Jade!" A girl said coming up to me and sitting on the other side of the desk. She held her hand out which I gladly shook.


"Lucy," I said with a smile.


"You've done a few YouTube covers, haven't you?" She asked raising her eyebrow. I knew she knew the answer to that.


I gave a small laugh and nodded my head. "Yes, yes I have."


"You are soooo good!" She exclaimed dragging out the word 'so'. "You're so lucky you know? I'd love to be you. I mean, You've sung with One Direction!" Jade said a little loudly. That got everyone's attention.


"Did she just say you've worked with One Direction?" A girl in a cheerleading outfit asked. I nodded my head slowly and cautiously.


"You really do have a perfect life!" She laughed. That's when it hit me. It may seem I have a perfect life but I really don't.


"I don't have a perfect life." I whispered.


"That's a lie." The guy with a bandana on, hissed from next to me.


"I really don't." I said, turning to face him.


"Oh yeah?! How come?" He asked a little harshly. "I mean, your already the new girl with everyone swarming at your feet. The new girl who's famous. Your a spoilt British brat." He snapped. I looked at him shocked. He knew hardly anything about me and he's already got a grudge against me.


"My Mom and Dad split up little over 3 months ago and my older sister has moved to America so I'll never get to see her. You think my life is perfect? Think again!"

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