Inseparable (ON HOLD)

A monster named Behemoth was suddenly chained inside the caves of Kunjika, the tallest mountain of Kunji. It was said that he was placed there to guard a powerful, magnificent treasure called Twilight of the Gods, but was that really the reason? After 300 years of loneliness and being chained in the darkness, a 12-year-old boy, Miro, who was blind entered the caves of Kunjika to seek death. But instead of Behemoth killing him, he took a liking to the blind boy. After spending the night in the caves, Miro suddenly regained his sight and Behemoth mysteriously turned into a human! Follow these two as they go on a touching journey that will bit by bit uncover their painful pasts and as they grow in their relationship and meet other new people! (There’s more to the story than just that…)


4. The Best Dream Ever Had


"Hey, did you hear?" A bearded-man said as he sat on a table holding a glass of beer in his right hand.

"Hear what?" said a friend of his who was sitting across from him. The skies were dark and the Kunji Inn, the only inn in the Kunji village, was packed with travelers. 

"The mountains of Kunji had returned back the way it was 300 years ago! All the darkness and the crimson mist had disappeared!" The bearded-man, Ralph, who was the owner of the inn said with a happy face.

"What? How is that possible?" His friend, Mark, widened his eyes. "What about the monster living inside the caves of Kunjika? Is he gone?"

"I don't know, but this morning when I woke up, I was surprised to see the mountains turned into a beautiful sight from my bedroom window." Ralph drank his beer in one gulp. "After three centuries, who would have thought that the mountains of Kunjika had returned to the beautiful tourist place once more."

It seems that word of the miracle news had quickly spread throughout the villages surrounding the mountains and beyond. That was why there were a lot of travelers staying at the inn as they wanted to visit the magnificent mountains and some are interested to see the caves where the monster had dwelled.

Just then, the front door of the inn opened and the bell chimed. Ralph stood up as he greeted his new customers. 

"Welcome to Kunji Inn! What can I do for you?" Ralph said as he smiled at the silver-haired boy and the young crimson-haired man.

"Is there a room available for us to stay for the night?" The crimson-haired man, who was Behemoth, said as his hair covered his golden eye.

"You guys are lucky." Ralph gave the room key to Behemoth. "It's the only available room we have right now. I hope you enjoy your stay."

Behemoth and Miro walked upstairs and they could feel curious eyes gazing at them.

"Hey, who are they?" One of the customers asked.

"That young man looks charming." Said a woman.

"Oh my goodness! That boy had such cute eyes!" Said another woman.

Once Behemoth and Miro located their room, which was at the end of the corridor on the second floor, they quickly went inside and locked the door. 

"Wah!" Miro looked at the two comfy beds. "It's the first time I've seen a bed." He ran towards the first bed and threw himself onto it. "This feels good!"

Behemoth walked to the second bed and sat down. "Why do you look so happy over a bed, master?"

"Even though I've always slept on one, I've never seen one." Miro sat up and faced Behemoth. He looked down and his cheery emotion disappeared. "I was never able to sleep comfortably...back...then..."

Behemoth looked at his master's down face. He changed the subject as he somehow felt that he might have unintentionally dug into Miro's painful past if he continued talking about the bed. "Are you hungry, master? You haven't eaten anything since we departed from the caves this morning."

Miro looked at him and his stomach gave a sudden growl. He laughed a bit. "After all that walking, I didn't realize that I was hungry."

"Then, I'll go down and find food." Behemoth said as he stood up.

"But, wait. What do we do about money?" Miro suddenly pointed out. "I've wasted all of mine before I met you."

Behemoth looked at him and smiled. "I'm sure I can figure something out. Just take a rest, master and I'll be right back." With that, he left the room.

Miro laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He couldn't keep his eyes open for the bed felt so comfy. And soon enough, he fell asleep.

As Behemoth asked the woman, who was serving food around, for food, he noticed a notice board near the entrance of the inn. He walked over there and saw that it was mainly job notices. This is good. We can earn money from this.

Behemoth looked at all of the posts and one of them caught his eye. He grabbed the paper from the board and went back to his room with a tray of food that was given to him by the woman who was Ralph's wife, Mary. 

"Master?" Behemoth looked at Miro who was sound asleep and he smiled. He placed the tray on the bedside table, so when Miro wakes up, he could see the food beside him and eat. He then, sat down on his bed and looked at the post he grabbed

It was an advertisement for a hunter exam. In this world, hunters exists to eradicate dangerous monsters, demons, catch criminals, and protect people from any harm and much more. Hunters have permission to access all kinds of information and certain places depending on what rank they were at. The lowest hunters were called the bronze hunters, then the silver, then the gold and the hunters that surpass all were called the 's-hunter'. As far as anyone knows, there's only three s-hunters in the world, but only a few has seen them.

Behemoth thought for a moment. If I become a hunter, money won't be a problem and at the same time we can travel to many places while taking on hunter jobs. He looked at Miro and went over to his side. He touched his silver hair and smiled. I'll consult with him when he wakes up.

That night, Miro was tossing and turning in bed. Behemoth woke up as he felt an uneasy feeling and saw his master sweating a lot. Miro was grabbing onto the sheets of the bed as he shouted for help. Behemoth got up and quickly rushed over to Miro's side.

"Master, wake up!" Behemoth said worryingly as he saw Miro's whole body shaking in fear. Behemoth grabbed both of his shoulders to stop him from shaking and shook him. "Master! Wake up, master!!!"

Miro opened his eyes and he was breathing heavily as he saw Behemoth right in front of him. "Be-he-moth..." Tears fell down his cheeks.

Behemoth looked at his trembling golden eyes and wiped his tears away with his thumb. "Shh...don't cry, master. It's just a bad dream."

Miro gradually stopped trembling as he realized that he was back in reality. The dream he had was like a nightmare about his past. Even after all this time he had ran away from him, he was still chasing him down. Behemoth listened to Miro's breath as he calmed down.

"Thank you, Behemoth." Miro said. "Thank you for waking me up from a bad dream."

Behemoth could feel a sense of pain as Miro said that. "Do you want me to sleep with you, master?"

Miro looked up at Behemoth's eyes and smiled. "It's fine. I'm alright now. You should get back to sleep." Miro laid down on the bed and closed his eyes once more, but Behemoth could see that he was just pretending to go back to sleep as he was afraid to dream again.

Behemoth laid down beside him and his crimson hair covered Miro. Miro looked back. "What are you doing?"

"You don't have to lie to me. I somehow know that you probably won't go back to sleep because you are afraid of returning to that dream again, right?" Behemoth said as Miro's eyes widened.

"I never knew a monster like you care about a human like me." Miro said as he smiled.

"I am your servant and you are my master. I won't forgive anyone or anything that harms you, including a dream that made you tremble like that." Behemoth said and thought, And I don't know why, but being near you makes me control my hunger for blood. 

Miro smiled as he felt like he was safe near Behemoth. He closed his eyes and soon he fell asleep. Behemoth, too, fell asleep and both of them that night, had the best dream they ever had in their lives. 








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