Inseparable (ON HOLD)

A monster named Behemoth was suddenly chained inside the caves of Kunjika, the tallest mountain of Kunji. It was said that he was placed there to guard a powerful, magnificent treasure called Twilight of the Gods, but was that really the reason? After 300 years of loneliness and being chained in the darkness, a 12-year-old boy, Miro, who was blind entered the caves of Kunjika to seek death. But instead of Behemoth killing him, he took a liking to the blind boy. After spending the night in the caves, Miro suddenly regained his sight and Behemoth mysteriously turned into a human! Follow these two as they go on a touching journey that will bit by bit uncover their painful pasts and as they grow in their relationship and meet other new people! (There’s more to the story than just that…)


1. Prologue


The mountains of Kunji was one of the beautiful places on earth, where the sun shone on the mountains, revealing the magnificent scene of peace. The mountains was surrounded by green forests, so people who wanted to visit must pass through it first. In the center of the mountains lied a tall, upright mountain called Kunjika - the tallest out of the 5 small mountains surrounding it. But, 300 years ago, a monster was chained inside the dark caves of Kunjika. He was binded by gold chains that can never be break using normal methods and his voice was muted, so he couldn't call for help and so his screams won't be heard. 

The beautiful mountains of Kunji and the green forests was shrouded by darkness and heavy silver mist ever since that day. The sun has never shone on the mountains since that day and the mountains of Kunji became known as the darkest place on earth. But soon rumors began to spread, that the reason why the monster was placed inside the mountains was to guard a certain treasure - a treasure that can grant any wish - a powerful, unique, magnificent treasure that when activated can pierce through the darkness. The treasure was called Twilight of the Gods, a mysterious weapon that dwells somewhere deep inside the dark mountains. 

No one has ever seen the Twilight of the Gods or heard the story behind it so people think that the rumors were false, but most, blinded by greed and lust, believed it. Then, it began! Day by day, treasure hunters from all over the place began to venture to the mountains of Kunji, one has ever came back. Suddenly, one day, the people in the Kunji village - which resides a few kilometers away from the green forests - saw a change of color of the mist surrounding the mountains. Instead of silver, it turned to crimson. 

Then, a few days later after the change of mist, a hunter came back from the mountains. The people's eyes grew wide and they screamed at the sight of him for the hunter who came back, was like a skeleton. Almost no blood was inside of him and his bones were visible. In a trembling voice, he force the last bit of his life force and said, "A v-viscous m-monster h-he is..." Then, he dropped dead.

Deep inside the mountains, inside the dark caves of Kunjika, a thousand of skeletons - which were the treasure hunters - lied on the cold, hard ground before the chained beast. The corners of his mouth was dripping blood. He licked his lips as his amethyst eyes glowed red through the darkness. Ever since that day, no hunter was brave enough to search for the treasure. And soon, 300 years passed. Never did the monster think that on the day he was chained inside the mountains of Kunji, was going to be the day that he will see light again.


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