Inseparable (ON HOLD)

A monster named Behemoth was suddenly chained inside the caves of Kunjika, the tallest mountain of Kunji. It was said that he was placed there to guard a powerful, magnificent treasure called Twilight of the Gods, but was that really the reason? After 300 years of loneliness and being chained in the darkness, a 12-year-old boy, Miro, who was blind entered the caves of Kunjika to seek death. But instead of Behemoth killing him, he took a liking to the blind boy. After spending the night in the caves, Miro suddenly regained his sight and Behemoth mysteriously turned into a human! Follow these two as they go on a touching journey that will bit by bit uncover their painful pasts and as they grow in their relationship and meet other new people! (There’s more to the story than just that…)


2. Meeting


The little 12-year-old cloaked boy stood in front of the caves of Kunjika. He felt a cold wind blew against his skin. He heard the stories about a monster living inside the mountains of Kunji, specifically, the caves of Kunjika. He heard about the people who came near the monster got their blood sucked away and he was warned not to go near the mountains of Kunji. He also heard about the treasure that was rumored to be hidden somewhere in the mountains, but he was not there for the treasure. 

The boy was tired. He hadn't eaten for days and he had no energy left. He paid no heed to the warnings given to him and the stories he had heard. So, with that, he walked into the caves. It was dark, but the boy didn't see any difference as the boy himself was blind. How can a blind person travel to the mountains of Kunji and reached the caves of Kunjika? People would think that he was seeking for a death wish and indeed he was. He came into the mountains to meet the monster and have him killed him. He had enough of life. The reason why he was able to reach the caves without getting lost was due to intuition. Ever since he was a baby, he would rely on his mysterious intuition to guide him. People wonder how in the world can he trust his intuition so much and yet, it always seem to guide him to the places he wanted to go without any harm. It was indeed a mysterious intuition he had, but the boy had no idea that someone had given him the intuition to guide him in life. 

As the boy walked slowly deep into the caves, he could feel that every step he took was getting closer to the viscous chained monster. Suddenly, he stopped. He could feel a pair of piercing eyes staring at him through the darkness. 

"Are you the monster who dwells within this dark caves?" The boy asked. 

The monster got up on four of his feet and walked towards the little boy. His golden chains made a little sound as they extended while he walked. "What is such a young boy doing here? Have you not heard about me?"

The boy looked up at the sound of the sudden voice. It sounds so cold, but the boy smiled. The monster looked at him with wide eyes. Being closer to the boy, he could see him clearly. He had silver hair and his eyes had no color. He noticed that he was blind. "Boy, I thirst for human blood, so you better get away from me."

The boy who wore a long black cloak sat down on the cold hard ground. "I've heard stories about you. How you suddenly appeared deep inside this caves chained and how you drank the blood of those treasure hunters 300 years ago. You must really hate humans don't you or maybe blood is your food."

The monster squinted his amethyst eyes at him and began to circle around him. The chains followed behind him. "I hate humans. They are the ones that chain me here." 

"I see." The boy sadly smiled. "You must be lonely for being here all alone, especially for 300 years straight."

The monster stopped in his tracks and he thought for a moment. "I have never thought of loneliness, so I don't really care. I like being alone."

"Don't you have any friends?" The boy asked.

The monster laughed and stared at the boy face to face. "Friends? I have none. I don't need any."

The boy felt the monster's cold breath brushed against his neck, but he wasn't scared at all. The boy reached out his hand and touched his furry face.

"What are you doing, boy?" The monster asked. "If you are thinking of growing closer to me, so you can escape death, forget about it. I won't spare you just because you are a little boy."

The boy just smiled and stood up. He began to move his hands throughout the monster's furry body. 

The monster felt like he's been touched by a warm light. This boy's hands, they feel so warm and...nice. The monster shook his head. No! I must kill this boy. He's a human and I hate humans! But he couldn't bring himself to kill a blind boy. He was taken in by his warmness.

The boy rested his hand against his soft fur. "It's so soft. I wonder what you look like."

The monster's eyes widened. I get that this boy can't see, but who would ask what a monster looks like? "Boy, I will scare the life out of you if you see me."

"No you won't." The boy smiled. "I'm not scared of you."

"What?" The monster looked at the boy in a questioning face. "And why are you not scared of me? You can't see me and I am sure you know that I drink the blood of humans."

"If you drink the blood of humans, then why are you not drinking mine? I thought you hate humans." The boy asked as he patted his fur.

The monster was taken a back. He was at loss for words. 

"People may call you a monster, but I think you are not inside." The boy said as he ran his fingers through his fur. The monster couldn't help, but feel comforted by the boy's little fingers. "Are you really not lonely?"

The monster went back to his sense and firmly said, "I am not. You should get out of here before I eat you."

The boy slowly walked back to the front of the monster's face and sat in front of him. He closed his eyes. "Then, eat me."

The monster's eyes grew wide. He had never heard anyone say such thing to a viscous monster like him. This boy must be a fool. "I am not going to spare you, you know?"

"I know." The boy took a deep breath. "The reason I came here was to die."

The monster's eyes once again grew wide. He then gave up on scaring the boy away and laid down on both of his paws. "May I ask why you want to die? You are still very young."

The boy opened his eyes as he felt like the monster wasn't going to suck the blood out of him anytime soon. " fed up with my life."

The monster looked at his eyes which gave off a painful feeling. Suddenly, the boy collapsed forward. The monster quickly got up on four of his feet and said, "Boy!"

He gently pushed the boy over to his back and gave a sigh as the boy was just sleeping. The monster looked at his sleeping face and thought how cute he was. It was the first time in his life he had ever seen a human boy looked so innocent and yet, wanted to end his life at such a young age. He looked at his long dark cloak and wondered why the little boy was wearing such a huge cloak. The monster suddenly felt an urge to see what was under the cloak.

He gently open the boy's cloak with his long nail and his eyes widened. The boy's arms was covered with scars and his wrists were covered with fainted marks of chains. This boy must have had a tough life. The monster didn't know why, but as he looked at those nasty scars, he felt pain gushed throughout his body. The boy suddenly shuddered and wrapped his arms around himself.

The monster looked at him cuddling himself to keep warm. That's right. I've been stuck here for 300 years, so I am used to the cold, but a human boy like him will definitely feel like he is freezing to death. The monster laid down next to the little boy, covering him with his warm, thick fur to keep him warm. He saw the boy smiled and the monster smiled as well. Then, he fell asleep. 





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