When dreams become reality

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
Tiffanie finds herself in a perfect love story


5. The ending that was meant to happen

Three days past after the party and Beau was wondering why she would kiss him back but then say she can’t and no matter what he tried Tiffanie would see or talk to him. At Nat’s Grandparents place Tiffanie was moping when Natalie Led Luke into the room to talk to Tiffanie, he asked her why she was ignoring Beau she told him as tears started to roll down her cheeks it was because when the week ends she would leave Brisbane and probably never see him again with that she told Luke to leave.

Natalie and Tiffanie were waiting at the bus stop waiting to go home when Beau ran up to Tiffanie and told her even if she left Brisbane and went home he would go there and fall for her all the same and kissed her and once the kiss ended her told her “this isn’t the end of a love story it’s only the beginning” and Tiffanie got on the bus and when home.

A few months later Tiffanie was finishing school for the day when she saw Beau standing there waiting for her to exit she dropped her bag ran to him and hugged him like her was a teddy bear and kissed him, Beau looked her in the eyes, grasped her cheek and said “I told you I would be here” and hugged her again.

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