When dreams become reality

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2014
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Tiffanie finds herself in a perfect love story


4. The complication


The next day Natalie and I enter the plaza and ask the lady at the front desk if Beau Brooks was ready for us. Just as she is about to phone them Jai, Luke, Daniel, James and Beau all come out of the elevator across the room. Seeing us, Beau lets out an uncontrolled smile, at that moment Luke, Jai, Daniel and James realise that i was talking about and start to get childish.

“Awww, go say hello to your girlfriend” Luke teases.

Beau turns to him and punches him on the arm.

“Shut up!!”

He walks over to us. Soon after we begin talking for a while, Natalie starts giggling, I lean over and ask her “what’s so funny”?

“Nothing, I’m just going to leave you two alone” She laughs, walking away.







The day goes by quickly, and by the end of it we agree to meet every day. We both wanted to make the most of my limited days. After a week of hanging out with each other Beau decided to tell her at a party that was being held in the hotel Beau knew she was there and he knew where to find her and he was right she was on the balcony avoiding the large group of people inside the building and he went up to her and started a conversation then before she could say anything he looked at her and said with a shy smile “you know you are the most out there girl I’ve ever met and I think that is why I like you so much” and before she could say anything in response he kissed her like the ones in a romance movie but as soon as it ended Tiffanie could only say she can’t and ran to Natalie who was talking to James and Daniel grabbed her arms and dragged her out of the hotel and told Natalie what happened.

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