When dreams become reality

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 29 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
Tiffanie finds herself in a perfect love story


2. Destiny in action


I was looking for the book when bang; I tripped over the edge of the carpet, falling to the floor in a quick motion. Embarrassed and worried if anyone saw, I curse under my breath. Almost immediately, a guy enters the isle and starts laughing uncontrollably. Blushing, I’m about to stand up when he walks over and helps me up. I notice that as he helps me up he tries to mask his face, and avoids looking at me directly. What’s he trying to hide? That’s when it hits me. He’s Beau Brooks!  I see right through his failed attempt of a disguise.  I smile politely and introduce myself. Baffled by my casual act he asks me whether or not I’m a fan of the Janoskians.

 “I’m a huge fan; I just respect your personal privacy. I know that’s how I’d like to be treated if I was famous like you” I say nervously

“Well I appreciate girls like you” He smiles.

I feel myself blushing again. He’s so sweet. We both sit down on a nearby lounge and continue talking.

“So are you coming to our next show?”

“No, my friend and I are only staying here for a few weeks. We didn’t even know you would be here. Plus concerts always seem to bring on my panic attacks.


He looks at me sadly. “Oh, that’s a bummer. I like seeing girls like you out in the crowd.”

I look down at my hands nervously.

Silence fills the air. 

At this point Natalie comes walking down the aisle. She gazes at Beau momentarily before looking back at me. She grabs hold of my arm.

“Come on; have you found what you were looking for yet? I’m starving. You said we-“

She stops talking mid sentence.

I stand up and hold her shoulders. She’s shaking.

“Yes Natalie, that’s Beau Brooks. The Beau Brooks. Please just keep your cool” I whisper to her.

She lets out a small shriek.

“Natalie!” I scream. I grab the closest book to me and smack her over the head with it.

Beau laughs at the scene in front of him.

“Okay girls I have to go. You both seem lovely. How about you come around to my hotel tomorrow?”

“Sure” I smirk.

Natalie stands with her mouth wide open.

Beau writes down the address of the motel and hands it to me. Just as he’s about to leave, he turns to face me again.

“By the way gorgeous, what’s your name? He grins

“Tiffanie” I answer quickly.

“Beautiful name. See you later Tiffanie. And weird friend” He winks at me and leaves the room.

“WHAT JUST HAPPENED?” Natalie yelps, almost jumping on top of me.

“I actually don’t know” I laugh. 

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