Good Girls like Bad Boys

Hazel Owens has always been the good girl. Always kept quiet and to herself. Never stood up for herself and would let everyone around her push her around because it was the best way to not get in any sort of trouble. That is until two brothers, Luke and Ashton move to her town. They soon both find interest in her. Both seeing that there's more to her than what others see. Soon Hazel finds herself to be a part of both boys life. When they both fall for her which will she choose. Why do bad boys make good girls feel so right?


5. chapter 5

  When the bell rang I hurried out the door. I said bye to Ashton before making my way out of the school. I was a block from my house when I heard someone behind me. 


  "Hey look its the freak" I heard them say. I turned to see one of the boys from my history class along with some of his friends. 


  "Fuck off" I say turning around but I feel him grab me.


  "Watch who your talking to" He says shoving me to the ground. I feel my hands scrap the concrete as they laugh. 


 I watch as he moves his leg to kick me. Just as his leg is about to smash into my side he is pushed away from me. I look up to see Luke the kid from my english class.


  "Leave her alone. Touch her again and I'll break every fucking bone in your body" Luke says and the other boys stagger away. He looks down at me for a second his blue eyes locking with mine. I stare in shock as he reaches his hand out for me to take. 


  "Be careful walking by yourself. Dont let anyone fuck with you okay your better than they are" He says as he pulls me up.


  "Okay" I say and he smiles at me before walking away heading down a different street with his hands in his skinny jeans. I watch him for a few minutes before heading toward home. 


 Why would he want to help me. Why would anyone care so much.

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