Good Girls like Bad Boys

Hazel Owens has always been the good girl. Always kept quiet and to herself. Never stood up for herself and would let everyone around her push her around because it was the best way to not get in any sort of trouble. That is until two brothers, Luke and Ashton move to her town. They soon both find interest in her. Both seeing that there's more to her than what others see. Soon Hazel finds herself to be a part of both boys life. When they both fall for her which will she choose. Why do bad boys make good girls feel so right?


30. Chapter 23


 The following Monday I head into first period, my muscles sore and aching from helping Harry move his stuff in on Saturday. It's nice having him living with us. Harry helps me take care of mom and cook dinner so I don't have to do everything myself. Though the best part is just getting to spend more time with my brother and my niece. The house feels more like home now than it has in a long time.


  I groan inwardly when I see Luke leaning against my desk. It's been a good couple weeks since we last talked. I watch as he runs his hand through his blue hair while he looks out the window. I consider backing out of the room before he can see me but his eyes land on me before I can decide. I make my way over to my desk sitting my stuff down before turning to him. I glance him over noticing that he looks better rested than the last time I'd seen him. We both sit awkwardly trying to find the words to mend how distant we had been since he was left my house two weeks ago.



 We say and smile because though unspoken we both know it means........... So we are good now.......and..........Yeah we're good. He pulls me into a giant hug, wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my temple. I smile at the rush of butterflies that swarm my stomach as he leans his lips against my ear.

  "Don't give up on me okay?" He asks and I give a nod.


 He squeezes me once more before letting me go and heading to his desk. I'm still standing there stunned when the bell for first period rings and everyone starts to pile in. I hurry to take my seat as our teacher walks in, not wanting her lecture. I smile as I write the notes she places on the board quite happy with how my mornings going so far. Though still there is guilt that sits forever prominent in my stomach as I think about the fact that things still haven't changed. I still can't decide who it is I want. Who it is I love.


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