Good Girls like Bad Boys

Hazel Owens has always been the good girl. Always kept quiet and to herself. Never stood up for herself and would let everyone around her push her around because it was the best way to not get in any sort of trouble. That is until two brothers, Luke and Ashton move to her town. They soon both find interest in her. Both seeing that there's more to her than what others see. Soon Hazel finds herself to be a part of both boys life. When they both fall for her which will she choose. Why do bad boys make good girls feel so right?


27. Chapter 20



 The next afternoon I hurried to get all the snacks set up on the table. Mom went over to Harry's to babysit my niece for him, so I had the morning all to myself. I spent it doing homework and texting Ashton. I am glad we are friends again. Though the kiss yesterday was really all I could think about this morning.


 I run to the front door when the doorbell rings and open it to see Troy and Wolf.


  "Hey guys come on in" I say leading them to the living room.


  "Nice house" Troy says pulling me into a one armed hug.




  "I brought all the seasons so we can watch as much as we want" Wolf says excitement swimming in her brown eyes.


  "Sounds good"


 Wolf put the first dvd in and we all sat down on the couch. Wolf and I sing along to the theme song while Troy shakes his head at us amused. We spend the first five minutes talking about our favorite characters. Mine of course being Beast Boy <3. After a few hours I hear the front door open and I hurry to help my mom get inside.


  "Hey mom has was Felicity today?" I ask and laugh when she rolls her eyes.


  "A handful but adorable as always"


  "Haha I figured as much" I say and have her follow me into the living room.


  "Mom these are my new friends Troy and Wolf" I say and they walk over to greet her.


  "Nice to meet you" Troy says shaking my moms hand.


  "You have a lovely home" Wolf says hugging my mom.


  "Thank you. You have a lovely shirt" Mom says motioning to her Captain America shirt.


  "You like comics?" Wolf asks her happily surprised.


  "Yeah of course where do you think Hazel got it from?" Mom says placing her arm on my shoulder.


  "Wow you are officially the coolest mom ever!" Wolf says and Troy nods in agreement.


  "Why thank you. Mind if I join?" Mom asks pointing to the tv where Teen Titans is paused on the screen.


  "Not at all. Come watch with us" Troy says and we all head back into the living room to watch.



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