Good Girls like Bad Boys

Hazel Owens has always been the good girl. Always kept quiet and to herself. Never stood up for herself and would let everyone around her push her around because it was the best way to not get in any sort of trouble. That is until two brothers, Luke and Ashton move to her town. They soon both find interest in her. Both seeing that there's more to her than what others see. Soon Hazel finds herself to be a part of both boys life. When they both fall for her which will she choose. Why do bad boys make good girls feel so right?


24. Chapter 18

 I walk into Mrs. Amondez’s room with Troy and see her leaning against her desk. She smiles at me when she sees us come in. Excitement evident on her face. I glance at the other four girls in the room who are talking amongst themselves. A couple of them glanced my way and fear rushed over me. I felt the urge to turn and run, but Troy must have seen it on my face because he gave me a comforting push toward the table in the back that I usually sit at with Ashton last period. He sits beside me as Mrs. Amondez cleared her throat, and the other girls in the room take a seat at different desks.

  “Well guys looks like we have a new member joining us today. Hazel why don’t we all say a little bit about ourselves you can go first” Mrs. Amondez says kindly.

  “Um okay I…..I am Hazel and I live with my mom I have an older brother and a cute little niece and I love to paint. It always makes me feel better when I have a good day” I say and the other students along with Troy and Mrs. Amondez clap supportively. Troy goes next.

  “My name is Troy and I live with my mom and dad and my younger brother and sister. I like to paint too but my favorite thing to do is is write poems and song lyrics” He says sitting back down next to me.

 A girl at the table in front of us stood up next smiling happily at everyone in the room. She has shoulder length black hair, brown eyes, and a big smile on her face. A smile that is so friendly you can't help but smile as well.

  "Hey I'm Loren and I love Graphic Design"" She says and we all clap for her. She seems to be pretty shy but really nice.


 The girl sitting next to her goes next. She has long dark hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a sleeveless shirt so I can see the three tattoos on her tan skin. She has a music note on her back right shoulder and a guitar on her left arm and freedom written to look like printed letters on her wrist. They all looked pretty amazing.

  "My name is Sam and I love to spray paint. Not everyone agrees with it and think spray paint is just a way people like to make trouble but it's not. It is an amazing art style and it means the world to me" she says as we clap for her.


 We continue to a girl sitting near the middle of the room. She is wearing a white t-shirt and Marvel tights and a pair of high tops. Her hair a vibrant red and her eyes brown.

  "Hey everyone my name is Wolf and I love to make comic's. My dream is to make a comic series as amazing as Marvel one day" She says motioning to her tights as we clap for her.


 The last of us to go is a girl sitting at the front of the room. She has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and is wearing a gray sweatshirt that is a little to big causing the sleeves to cover her hands with black skinny jeans and black boots.

  "My names Chloe and I love photography. I love capturing a moment in life in a photo that will live on forever in that instant. It makes me happy when I look over my photos at all the happy memories I capture in a image" She says resting her hands on the dark camera hanging around her neck.  We all clap and Mrs. Amondez moves to talk to us again.


  "Now that you have all been introduced to each other I hope you grow to be friends. The best thing about this class is that it will give you a chance with people who understand you and the love you have for art. I know that school just ended for the day but I would like to assign you all a project that I want you to finish by the end of the year that expresses to me the things you have gone through during this school year. No limits or rules make it by using the type of art you want and expresses what your trying to describe. I can't wait to see them all" She says glancing at the clock.


  "Okay guys looks like it's almost time to go. Next week we will each talking about something from the kind of art we each find fascinating so have an idea if you don't already have one okay" She says and we all grab our stuff heading to leave.


  "Wanna ride? Troy asks as we leave the room.


  "Yeah that would be great"


  "What did you think of your first meeting?"


  "It was fun. Everyone seems really nice and I can't wait to see what everyone can do"


  "I knew you would like it. I am glad you joined, your pretty cool"


  "Your pretty cool too Troy"


 We make it almost all the way to his car when we hear someone shouting for him. We turn to see Wolf running toward us her hair red hair shining as the sun hit it.


  "Hey Troy do you mind if I ride home with you guys?"


  "Sure get in" He says and we all pile in his car.


 I sit in the passenger seat and Wolf climbs into the back seat behind me. I smile as he puts in his Black Veil Brides album Wretched And Divine. I really love this album. I roll down my window and let the cool fall air hit my face when he pulls out of the parking lot.


  "So Hazel do you like any super hero comics?" Wolf asks me peeking at me from the back seat.


  "Yeah I really love the Teen Titans. I watch it whenever I have free time" I say as I think of all the hours I have sat in our living room watching it. Sometimes if mom wasn't busy she would watch it together laughing at how awesome beast boy is.


  "That's awesome I love the show too. I have read a lot of the comic book series and the design in it is amazing"




  "Hey if you want I can come over to your house this weekend with the dvd's and we can have a marathon?" She asks excited.


  "Yeah that would be awesome" I say not having any plans this weekend. I was going to take Luke and Ashton to the lake but I don't really want to talk to either of them right now.


  "Do you mind if I join you guys? I don't have anything else to do this weekend" Troy ask glancing away from the road at us for a moment them turning it back when we reach a stop sign. 


  "Of course you can" I say glancing at the passing houses out the window.


 The rest of the ride I spend instructing him on how to get to my house. When he pulls into my driveway we all exchange numbers and I head to my front door watching as they pull away. Happy that I have made new friends.








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