Good Girls like Bad Boys

Hazel Owens has always been the good girl. Always kept quiet and to herself. Never stood up for herself and would let everyone around her push her around because it was the best way to not get in any sort of trouble. That is until two brothers, Luke and Ashton move to her town. They soon both find interest in her. Both seeing that there's more to her than what others see. Soon Hazel finds herself to be a part of both boys life. When they both fall for her which will she choose. Why do bad boys make good girls feel so right?


23. Chapter 17

 Note: New Characters are...........


     Chance Jackson as Troy

     ~LukesPenGuin~  as Loren as Wolf    

     watahproof as Chloe

     samiehemmings17 as Sam


 Hope you all like the new characters





 I walk into school as the bell rang and everyone one was heading for second period.  I am not the kind of person to skip class usually but I didn’t feel like seeing Luke today. I stopped when I got a text from my mom to answer it standing against the locker next to mine.

 Mom- Hey honey going to be working late tonight just order a pizza okay left you money on the kitchen counter love you

 Hazel- Okay I will order it when i get home love you too

 I feel someone walk up to me but I don’t look up assuming it is Luke and hoping he will just walk away if I ignore him.

  “Um not to be rude or anything but could you move I’ve got to get my books for my next class” A voice says sounding completely different than the voice I was expecting.

 I look up to see a guy standing in front of me motioning to the locker i was leaning against. He was wearing a band t shirt with black skinny jeans and converse that matched mine. His hair spiked blonde towards the tops of it and dark brown around his roots. He has fly away zero written up his arm in a design that had other little marks around it. It looked almost like war paint and an awesome smiley face on his left hand that had ex’s for eyes. a tattoo of a sideways x under his right eye. I looked up into his blue eyes to see his eyebrow arched as he glanced behind me still waiting for me to move.

  “Oh sorry a little spacey today” I say moving out of his way and opening my locker. I usually only go to my locker in the mornings and before the end of the day so I had never seen him before.

  “No problem it happens” he says grabbing his books for his next class. he stops for a second when he sees the designs I have drawn in my locker.

  “Woah those are pretty cool” He says as his eyes travel over the spiral designs leading to the quotes I wrote in my locker earlier this year to keep staying positive when I am having a good day.

  “Thank you” i say grabbing my books before shutting my locker. I go to leave but he stops me.

 I watch as he fishes a flyer out of his locker and hands it to me. It says “Art Club hosted each Friday after school by Mrs. Amondez. Let your imagination grow”

 “I know it sounds kinda lame because of the quote she put on there but it’s actually pretty cool. You should check it out after school today” He says as i read over the flyer.

  “I don’t know” I say and sigh. I have never been one for social gatherings.

  “What do you have to lose?” He asks giving me a smile that makes me feel a little better about it.

  “Your right. I’ll go” I say a bit more confidently than usual. I might actually have a good time.

  “Great meet me back here after school and I will walk with you there” he says before heading for his class.

  “Okay I will” I say heading to second period.



 By the time I get to the time i get to last period which is art I am already a little nervous. what if no one likes me? What if i am not as good as the other members? What if this is just some joke he is playing on me and he won’t show up at all and I will be left standing alone by the lockers. he better not because my art class is where the meeting is suppose to be so i have to leave to go stand in a crowded hallway just to walk back here again.

 I see Ashton standing at our table when I come in and I hurry over to him.

  “Hey Ashton” I say but he doesn’t respond only glares at the table.

  “What’s wrong?” I ask him when he doesn’t look at me.

  “Did you kiss my brother last night?” he asks his voice full of an anger I have never heard before. I cower away slightly as he crosses his arms and turned his cold eyes at me.

  “What?” I ask shocked that he asked me such a forward question.

  “I said did you kiss my brother last night” He says again his voice even more harsh than before.

  “Yes. Why are you so angry? I don’t understand” i say stepping back again. I don’t like this ashton. I like the sweet funny listening ashton I had gotten use to.

  “I thought you were better than that” he says and pushes around me so hard I almost fall over and storms out of the room, leaving the rest of the class to stare at me, leaving me to feel broken.

  I sat at my table alone in the back painting for the rest of the period. Begging myself not to cry. How could he talk to me like that? He had scared me and I didn’t like this side of him. There are so many things that I don’t know about Luke or Ashton. So many dangerous things. And I am starting to feel like maybe I should just stay away from them both.

 After class was finally over I head to meet the guy i talked to earlier. I was a bit less eager now after what happened with Ashton but I decided not to let it get me down. i wipe a couple stray tears before heading to my locker.


 I turn the corner and stare down the hall at the guy from earlier who is leaning against our lockers. I hurry over not wanting to keep him waiting too long wanting to get this meeting over with so I could head home where I can be alone. He smiles kindly at me as I walk up and I feel a little better.

  “Hey ready to go?” I ask him and he nods walking beside me to Mrs. Amondez’s classroom.

  “So You never told me your name” I say waiting for his answer.

  “You never told me yours either” He says with a little attitude and we both laugh.

  “Troy” He says reaching his hand out for me to shake.

  “Hazel” I say shaking his hand.

  “Well hazel I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship” he says smiling brightly at me.

  “Well Troy I think you are right” I say feeling like I was actually making a friend for the first time.

 we both walk into Mrs. Amondez’s classroom ready to start the meeting for Art Club. 


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