Good Girls like Bad Boys

Hazel Owens has always been the good girl. Always kept quiet and to herself. Never stood up for herself and would let everyone around her push her around because it was the best way to not get in any sort of trouble. That is until two brothers, Luke and Ashton move to her town. They soon both find interest in her. Both seeing that there's more to her than what others see. Soon Hazel finds herself to be a part of both boys life. When they both fall for her which will she choose. Why do bad boys make good girls feel so right?


14. Chapter 11

 I placed a dvd in and sat next to them on the couch while my mom headed upstairs. There mom had said it was okay for them to stay the night so long as we sleep in different rooms which is understandable. During the movie we talked about about there home town Sydney, Australia. They told me about their school and how it was different than mine. Though when I asked about their friends back in Australia they said they didn’t really want to talk about it. The way Ashton glanced at Luke with such sorrow really upset me.What could have happened in Australia that they couldn’t bring themselves to talk about?

  “So if we asked you to take us to that lake sometime would you?” Ashton asks and Luke awaits my answer as well.

  “Sure I guess but why would you wanna go?”

 “I saw the painting you did of it. Ashton snook a picture of it after you left your painting class the other day. We both wanna see if it’s as beautiful as you painted it” Luke says in response, flirting with me a little taking me off guard and Ashton nods in agreement. Though he looks at Luke with this agitated glare almost like he is jealous.

  “How about next weekend?” I ask and they smile excited.

  “Deal” They say together.

 We watch the rest of the movie in silence. I feel a hand on my knee and look to see Luke has placed it there. When I glance at his face it was glued to the screen. I try to ignore it as my face starts to heat up. I go back to watching the movie trying to ignore the feeling I am getting just by his hand on my knee. A few minutes later though I felt Ashton’s arm go around my shoulder. I shiver surprised by the sudden touch. My whole body starts tingling. I am not use to this much attention by one boy let alone two. I swallow hard trying to ask like neither of them are effecting me. I couldn’t be happier when the movie credits start rolling and I have an excuse to go to bed and get away from this feeling they are both causing me.

  “Well I am going to head to bed now. the couch folds out into a bed for guests and there are spare blankets and pillows in the closest goodnight” I say getting up quickly and heading upstairs without looking back.



I hear them whisper shouting about something while I make my way up the stairs to my room. What could they be fighting about?

 Once I get to my room I change into my PJ’s and climb into bed dreaming of both of the boys sleeping downstairs in my living room.



(The next morning)

 Luke and Ashton stayed for awhile in the morning and ate breakfast with my mom and I. We talked about random things and about different things my mom has had to deal with at work. It was kinda nice having other people around for us to talk to. I had forgotten what it was like. They both gave us each a hug at the door and the guys said they would text me later. Mom and I spent the rest of the morning playing cards.

  “Sweetheart can you go upstairs and get my tan sweater for me. It’s on the top shelf” She says and I get up right away when I see that she looks paler than usual today.

 As I open her closet I spot the sweater right away and pull it off the top shelf, though I realize a second too late that I pull it to hard and it brings down the box that was under it spilling it’s contents. I bend down to put the photo albums back. Most of them have my name on them but the last one is a name I don’t recognize. I open it up to see pictures upon pictures of him. He has a big dimpled smile that I have and the same nose as me. It starts from when he was an infant and goes up to when he looks to be three or four. I stare at his dark brown hair and into his blue green eyes.





           I flip to the back to see adoption forms. With shaky hands I turn the photo album to the cover and stare at the name again. The name of the boy that they gave away a year before I was born. The name of the older brother I never knew I had. My older brother of four years, born February 1st.


......................................................Harry  Edward Styles

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