Love Story

This story is about a gangster who was in love but the boy that she loved was going out with a girl.


2. Time for school

The next day, Jade, her brothers, her sisters, and the gang went to the same school at Davis High School, the teachers would always look at them with a hatred look. Then Jade and the others went into a white teacher, Ms.Alvarez's classroom, then her students started to give them dirty looks, then Ms.Alvarez said "hello, you must be my new students, don't be shy, come in," Jade said "whatever." Ms.Alvarez didn't appreciate Jade's attitude, but they should be probably get used to in the class, Ms.Alvarez said "Jade, we are learning the Hispanic culture, so, can you tell us what ladies and young girls do at home?" One of Ms.Alvarez's student, Esmeralda said "I bet that she's stupid."

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