Love Story

This story is about a gangster who was in love but the boy that she loved was going out with a girl.


4. Running away from the cops

(This picture is Jade)

After the shooting incident, Jade and her family were hiding from the cops and they had to change their identities, Jade said "bro, I want to see if I could get a job somewhere," her brother said "alright but take Baby Boy with you as well." So, Jade and Baby Boy went to find jobs, then they found jobs at Walmart and Kmart. The cops were looking for "the Jokers" when they saw Jade and Baby Boy, Baby Boy started to kiss Jade and the cops had passed them since they didn't want to see them kissing, Jade said "that was super close and I hate you," Baby Boy said "why do you hate me?" She said "Because you kissed me and we don't say a word about this whole kissing thing," he said "I won't say anything but you have to give me a french kiss," so, they started to french kiss and then they started to hold hands. Her brother saw them and he did want his sister to have someone to protect her.

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