Love Story

This story is about a gangster who was in love but the boy that she loved was going out with a girl.


11. Melanie went to prison

When the ambulances got there, they started to take Jade and Melanie to the hospital, after they surgery on Jade and Melanie, the cops were had believe Jade since Jade has security cameras, they saw Melanie started shooting at the Baby Boy but since Jade was there to protect them but there was only one question to answer, and it was why did Melanie tried to kill Baby Boy and Jade? Then the police came in the rooms of Jade and Melanie, Jade's p.o. said "I just want to say that Melanie, you're under arrest for attempt of murder of Jade and her family, and Jade, you made me worry when the hospital called me that you were bleeding from your wrist," Jade said "I'm sorry for making you worried about me and tomorrow I will go back to school." Then Jade went back to school and Ms.Alvarez said "Jade, where have you guys been?" Jade said "I was in the hospital, I was shot by a crazy girl," Ms.Alvarez said "oh dear, we still learning about the Mexican cultures, so, can you tell me, Jade, what does young girls and ladies do at home?" Jade said "Women do the cooking, cleaning, and washing, young girls go to school, do homework, and help around the house," Ms.Alvarez said "is that so, what about marriage?" Jade said "Some people have their sons and/or daughter get married at age 15 or they just let their children find love by themselves."

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