Love Story

This story is about a gangster who was in love but the boy that she loved was going out with a girl.


7. Baby Girl's emo side

Baby Girl would get out of the room, just to go to school or to the bathroom, but her brothers and sisters started to smell blood, Alexa said "bro, do you smell that?" Drake said "No, what?" Alexa said "Blood, Jade's blood!!" Then they ran to Jade's room, but it was locked, then Baby Boy came. Baby Boy said "hey guys, what's going on?" Drake said "IT'S JADE!!!" Then Baby Boy kicked the door, they saw Jade bleeding from her wrist, Baby Boy grabbed a towel and rush Jade to the hospital, whiling driving to the emergency room, the cops had told them to pull over, when they did, the officer said "did you know that you were speeding then the limit?" Baby Boy said "Yes, I know that because my girlfriend had slipped and cut herself and she bleeding a lot," so, the police officer was driving them to the emergency room, then the doctors and nurses were doing the best that they could keep the bleeding to stop. After the bleeding stop, Jade was going into shock, the doctors were saying "COLD BLUE, COLD BLUE!!" Then they got the petals and using them to bring her back when they saw her heartbeat going back to normal, they were put stitches on her wrist. Jade able go back home, but the nurse that works in the front desk was worried.

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