Love Story

This story is about a gangster who was in love but the boy that she loved was going out with a girl.


8. Baby boy calling her his 'girlfriend'

When they came home from the emergency room, Drake said "what happen?" Baby Boy said "Jade was in a shock but they used the petals on her, but why Baby Girl?" Jade said "Because of your girl, you bastard, oh so, now I'm your 'girlfriend'?" When Melanie came and heard what Jade said, she jumped Jade, she started to throwing punches on Jade, then Drake and Baby Boy separated them, then Melanie slapped Baby Boy, and she said "YOU BASTARD!!" She threaten Jade that she would pay. Jade went to her room and started to cry, then 2 hours passed, her sister, Alice went into her room to bring her something to drink and some pizza to eat. But Jade still didn't eat but she started to drink the soda that Alice brought, that's all. 

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