Love Story

This story is about a gangster who was in love but the boy that she loved was going out with a girl.


6. Baby Boy and Baby Girl

Baby Boy came back until midnight, and Jade stayed up late because she couldn't sleep, he said "hey, Baby Girl, you're still awake?" She said "Yeah, hey, what happen today?" He said "Oh, um, I'm really sorry about not taking you guys to the store." Jade saw a girl and she pointed to her and Baby Boy turned around, he said "hey baby, this is a friend, Jade, Jade, this is girlfriend, Melanie." Melanie said "hello, it's a pleasure to met you," Jade said "hello, the pleasure is all mine," Baby Boy knew that his girlfriend and Jade weren't going to get along. Jade said "well, excuse me, I should get some sleep," Baby Boy said "oh okay, uh, but Jade, um," Melanie said "you should get going." Jade got pissed when Melanie butting in their conversation, then she left. Baby Boy didn't do nothing to stop his girlfriend. 5 months passed, Jade hasn't hunt, sleep, never left her room, and her room was very dark. Then Baby Boy head to her room, started to knock, and said "Jade, please come out of this stuffy and dark room, por favor," Alexa said "it's your fault that she hasn't hunt, sleep, leave that dark room, and eat since that girl of yours talked shit to her!" Jade said "ENOUGH, stop now before I commit suicide!!!"

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