2. Jason

I bit the tips of my fingernails as I waited in the waiting room. This has been a terrible habit of mine for years. Today. I wait in the hospital. I got called from school saying my mother was in a car crash between route 80 and highway 7. She was taken into immediate surgery. I wiped my sweaty forehead with the back if my palm which didn't help much because that was sweaty as well. Hundreds of people crowded he hospital. Something was happening. But I don't know what. A lady came up to the front desk hacking blood and half her face falling off. She was imidiatly taken through the double doors that not one single person registered has came out. Fear and realisation struck me hard. My mother could be one. She was the only thing I had left next to my girlfriend Sandra. My father I never met, my grandparents died when I was 5 and 8 and I have no sibling.

I stuck my face in my palms and started to cry.

"Please god. Please let her live!" At that very moment the entire side of the hospital calpsed. Being on the first floor and all it's kinda freaking scary!

My heart raced. I could hear small fragile cracks rise from the ceiling. It poured down over top of my head. Wired and lights crashed to the floor and dust arose everywhere. I was burried deep under debris and had little oxygen. Taken that I was pretty much only inhaling dust particles. I hacked and spit dryness everywhere. A pair of hands grabbed the tail of my shirt and pulled me out.

"Run run and don't look back!" A dark skinned man looked completely frightened. Black veins started to appear across his body. His eyes losing their natural color and insulating into nothingness. I hesitated up until he made a high pitched scream.

"Holy chiz!" I bolted running as fast as I could. Inch was pretty fast. He chased after me right on my hind end. I picked up my pace. Thousands of people just stood in the middle of the road. The whites of their eyes gone. Dark. What is going on?


Sorry this ones shorter but I'm going through all the characters stories. I hope you like it. Btw. They all will end with the same question until each character is explained. Thx for reading! Plz comment and like!

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