1. ariana

I quickly brushed my hair and ran downstairs shoving a Piece of toast in my mouth.

"Hurry Ariana! The bus is waiting!' My mama yelled. I ran out the door and tugged my book bag across my chest.

I jumped on the bus and sat in my seat I do everyday, seat 12.

I leaned my head against the window pane and looked out. The sun wasn't up yet but you could see little pink and orange colors coming from the horizon.

Sandra got on the bus smiling.

'Guess what Ariana? ' she asked as she sat beside me.

'What?' I replied. Sandra looked around cautiously and looked at me with an even bigger smile.

'Adam welch asked me out last night!" She squealed.

"Are you kidding me?! Tell me you're joking!" I said loudly.

"Shhh. I'm not joking though. " I laughed.

"Wow! Congrats Sandra on your first boyfriend. " I said patting her on the back.

The entire bus shook. It was only for a slit second, but long enough for people to realize.

"What as that?" Meg fondly asked. Everybody started talking at once.

The bus shook again but this time even longer. A giant cast of light lit up the sky.

The bus driver kept driving as if nothing was going on. Suddenly, he stopped in the middle of the four way.

"Excuse me. Sir what's going on?" I yelled to him. He turn around and started to laugh. My heart pounding out of my chest. His smiling laughter sent shivers throughout my entire body.

"What the bells wrong with you!" I screamed.

A horn blared through the distance. A few hundred yards away was a speeding milk truck.

The bus shook again. But soon after it felt like we were in zero gravity.

It felt like slow motion. I flew out of my seat crashing foreword in to seat four then back again. We rolled around several times.

"Is everybody-" another crash. The milk truck comes head on 3 times our bus size. I screamed my lungs out and ran down the aisle. I lurched foreword at the collision hitting my head off something.


I woke up on my back. My legs leaning into the aisle. I heard crying and shuffling. I was packed under at least 15 people.

I shook the first body.

"Hey. Tell them to move. " I said. My voice was raspy. Filled with dust or something. So so very dry.

I pushed at the boys body even harder. His arm lolled back hitting me in the face. His head rolled laying on my chest. His eyes opened. One of his eyes had a piece of metal right through it.

I screamed. Trying my best to shove people out of my way. They were all dead. People I grew up with. My friends. The people I learned to love and cherish so much.

I started to cry. Still under all the body's.

I felt a hand tug at my arm. I looked up. I didn't recognize the boy. He seemed a bit older than me.

He pulled me out of the pile and and I hugged the stranger. Bawling my eyes out. In the way back in between more bodies I saw a familiar bracelet. It was Sandra's bracelet I made her in second grade.

I ran to the back and covered my mouth and closed my eyes.

"No. " I shook my head, hot tears downing my eyes. "No. No. No. No. No!" I took another small glance. Her neck was displaced backwards and off to the side. Her arm crooked and her ankle bone broken in half and broke through the skin.

"Sandra! Wake up! Please. " I whispered shaking her body vigorously. Her body stiff as a board.

I stood up and moaned. My chest hurt. I lifted up my shirt just enough to show my stomach. I had dark blue bruise marks along my ribs.

Th man studied me but as I realized he was staring I had quickly put down my shirt.

You have 3 cracked ribs here here and here. " he said sot pointing to certain ribs on him. "And a bruised pelvis. That's why it's gonna hurt and be difficult for you to walk. "

I started my way towards him but the pain was too much.

"Let's go. I'll carry you once were off this bus. " he said. I quickly walked to him about to cry again.

The light hit my eyes making me squint. The entire city was destroyed and a giant gaping hole was placed dead center in the middle of the road.

"What's going on?"

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