Falling For The Bad Boy™

Ema Mursur is a 17 year old girl. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her mom. That is until her mother marries Ben Irwin. Ema and her mother move to Sydney, Australia to live with Ben and his son.
When she starts going to school, Ema has a little problems with the bad boy, Luke Hemmings. Will he continue be that rude to her or will he change? Read to find out!


10. Chapter 9

Zayn and I parted ways a little after we were finally ready with cleaning the room. At that point In was more than sure I hates Mr Dillon's guts, that old prick.

While walking down the already dark street, lit up by the street lights, I heard barking and whimpering. I looked around. The street was like any other street - nice houses one next to the other, in different colors but the same. For a moment I thought I had imagined the sound but then I heard it again. It seemed like it was coming from one of the backyards but that wasn't abnormal. A lot of people had dogs around here.

Out of curiosity however, I rounded the house I thought the sound was coming behind of, and came face to face with an old garage, a little further from the house itself. It was all rusty and black and crumbled to the ground. It looked like it had gone through a fire.

I heard whimpering again and it was definitely coming from the dump. Whimpering then again barking. It sounded so sad and even though it was dark and the moon was already in the sky, I got closer to the dump. Hopefully I was not trespassing or anything.

I could not get inside the garage or whatever the hell that thing used to be because it was completely destroyed. So I stepped on it picking up ruins and getting them out of my way to look under them. There weren't any sounds afterwards. The occasional car, speeding down the road, and the voices, laughter and music, coming from the houses around me, but that was it.

- Ugh! - as the clumsy person I never get to prove wrong to be, I slipped on something, most likely the paint dropping from me on the dirty ground, leaving pink dots all around, and fell backwards, hitting the ground butt first. It hurt and it could easily leave a bruise. But it definitely was better than falling over that metal sharp looking thing pointing upwards, that I landed right next to.

I whimpered slightly, standing up and looking at the sharp thing that I could have just go through and probably died, if I hadn't fallen a little to the left.

Then I heard barking again. It was coming from somewhere beside me. I looked around but saw nothing. Then the ground beneath me shook. Wait, not the ground, but the tails I was standing on. I moved aside and pushed the tails away, letting them fall to the ground in a mess. I peeked inside the newly made hole in the dump and before I knew it an enormous white fluffy ball jumped out of there and on top of me. I fell back in surprise, this time straight on the ground. It hurt even more than the first floor because this time I had fallen from some height. But the dog didn't seem to mind as it was working hard on licking my face off. Despite the pain in my back parts, I laughed. It was tingly.

Soon after the licking stopped and I opened my eyes to see that the big thing before me was sitting practically on top of me with it's tongue out in a manner of a smile, looking down at me expectantly. I noticed it had a strap. It was brown and made of leather, real or not, I could not tell. There was a blue medallion with the dog's name on it.

- Luke? - I asked reading the name out and letting it roll off my tongue freely. - Your name is Luke? So you're a boy, huh?

The dog laughed. Thinking of that name I thought back to my brother's jerk of a friend. I shook my head. Not like I cared. Inspecting the medallion closely, I realized there was no address engraved, nor anything else that could tell me where the dog was coming from.

- What do I do with you, hm? - I thought for a while still sitting on the ground. - You wanna come to my house? - I could call it 'my house', right? Luke barked. - Great! C'mon, let's get you home, then.

I pushed him gently away to get off me then stood up rusting myself off. I had no leash or anything to hold the dog close to me, for him not to run away or anything. I had only my black backpack with me but that wouldn't work anyway. Plus, the dog was enormous. Probably higher than me when on two feet.

So we just walked down the street and to the house in silence. For my surprise, Luke stood by my side all the way.

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