Falling For The Bad Boy™

Ema Mursur is a 17 year old girl. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her mom. That is until her mother marries Ben Irwin. Ema and her mother move to Sydney, Australia to live with Ben and his son.
When she starts going to school, Ema has a little problems with the bad boy, Luke Hemmings. Will he continue be that rude to her or will he change? Read to find out!


9. Chapter 8

The next day passed quickly with me no seeing Luke. Okay, I saw him once. But I went the opposite direction. However, shit happened despite him not being around.

When the classes came to an end, I walked slowly on the way for detention and jealously looked around at the students going home. Lucky people.

Yeah, second day in the new school and I'm already sent on detention. Cool, huh? You may ask why. Well, long story. But let's just say that our science teacher won't stand up from her chair soon.

The detention room was the size of a normal classroom. There were desks in front of the white board and a bureau with the ET teacher behind it. Also, there were a couple of students sitting on the desks, away from one another, most of them boys.

- Sit down, Mursur. - spoke the PE teacher.

He was a tall man in shape, but really really stern. A PE class was like an hour spent in the military school. Yesterday I puked out all of my lunch because of everything he made us do, I couldn't leave the bathroom for almost an hour.

Without wondering I entered the room bright room and sat next to black haired boy with punk clothes. He was hot.

- Hi. - he smiled.

- Hey. - I nodded.

- How did you get detention, princess? - he looked at me curiously with a hint of amusement.

- Let's just say that Mrs. Worington won't be able to walk home tonight without her chair.

- Cool. - the boy laughed. - I'm Zayn by the way.

- Ema. - I looked at the teacher. - Do you think he will mind if someone oh so coincidentally spills pink paint on him?

- Probably. - Zayn shrugged. - It won't hurt to try. Mr, can I go to the toilet?

- Fast! - replied the teacher without opening his eyes.

Does he really think he can sleep with me around?

Zayn stood up and went out of the classroom. I was wondering if he took my idea seriously. Because if he did, then we were sure to get more detention. I could not wait!

A minute later the black haired boy came back into the room, hiding something behind his back. He stood next to the teacher and gave me a sign to go to the opposite side. I quietly tip toed there looking from the teacher spread on the desk to Zayn. The other students were staring at us.

Zayn took the thing from behind his back out, his biceps flexing under the weight, and I saw it was a red bucket like thing, filled to the top with pink paint. How did the guy even get that? I looked at Zayn with an evil smile. He shrugged, coming to stand beside me and behind the older man, and handed me one side of the bucket. He was holding the other.

- 3...2 - Zayn was counting.

- One! - out of the blue the Mr. Dillon yelled, and fast like a snake swirled in his chair, spilling the paint all over Zayn and I. - I tricked you! - Mr. Dillon jumped out of his chair and around the room, singing and doing what I supposed to be a victory dance.

Zayn and I exchanged looks of disbelieve and turned back to the teacher. The few other students were laughing their butts off. Being pranked by a fifty year old man, that most of the school hates was embarrassing. By tomorrow morning everyone were about to know. Rumors spread fast, especially when they were meant to embarrass someone. And this time, I was one of the victims.

- You can go now. - the teacher said in a sing song voice. - I'm too happy to sit here with you! Oh, but you two, clean this mess up!

And he was the first to go out. All the students followed, still snickering at what had happened.

I looked down at my clothes. They were all pink! Paint was running down my body, destroying my clothes and making uncomfortable shivers to run down my spine. It smelled funny too.

- What have you put in the paint? - I asked Zayn, smelling my arm than disgustedly pulling away.

- Pigeon's poo. - he replied, in the same position as me.

- Gross.

- How did this happen? - Zayn asked.

I shook my head unknowing how to answer. I had pink paint even on my face and I could feel it. Ew!

- At least now I have a partner in crime. - I said and Zayn smiled.

- Let's get to work, I want to go home.

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