Falling For The Bad Boy™

Ema Mursur is a 17 year old girl. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her mom. That is until her mother marries Ben Irwin. Ema and her mother move to Sydney, Australia to live with Ben and his son.
When she starts going to school, Ema has a little problems with the bad boy, Luke Hemmings. Will he continue be that rude to her or will he change? Read to find out!


4. Chapter 3

- Ema! Wake up! - Ashton's voice sounded in my ear.

- Get your fucking ass out of here. - I groaned.

- You want me to splash cold water on you? - I widely opened my eyes.

- You wouldn't dare.

- Try me.

- I'm up! I'm up!

I jumped out of bed and flew in the bathroom. I had a cold shower to wake me up and brushed my teeth a couple of times. For some reason I really liked brushing my teeth. Why? 'Cause I'm weird, that's why. When I went back to my room, wrapped in a fluffy light pink towel, that I had no doubt my mother bought, and with my wet hair down, Ashton was still there, lying on my bed and playing on his phone.

- Why haven't you gone out? - I asked.

My presence seemed to surprise him as he dropped his phone on his face. I stifled a laugh.

- I wanted to make sure you won't fall asleep in the shower or something. - he laughed with me and stood up, his phone in one hand. - I'm waiting for you downstairs. And hurry!

And he left the room. I shook my head at him. He was already treating me like a sister. I went to the closet. Everything was messed up just like I left it yesterday but I found an outfit in no time.

I dressed up in black skinny jeans with cut knees and Nirvana t-shirt. Had a lot of those. I brushed my hair and put on my black converse.

Just to say: I'm not emu or gothic, I just like the color black.

I blow dried my hair and let it fall freely in natural waves, passing my mis back. I then put my i-phone in the back pocket of my jeans and headed downstairs to the kitchen. It was early in the morning, around eight. According to Ashton, school started at 9:30 so why this crazy person had woken me up so early, was beyond me.

When I sat down on the table, the breakfast was already there. I wondered how much time it took Dakota to make all of this food. Back in Dallas, I rarely ate breakfast.

When I looked around I realized Ashton was not there. Even though he said he would be waiting for me. Deciding to go check up on him, I left the kitchen and went to his room. I didn't bother knocking but rather barged in.

The boy was lying on his bed free-fall style and low snores could be heard coming from him. I huffed out an air of annoyance.

- Are you kidding me? - I asked him even though he was asleep. I took a pillow from the chair to my right where his desk was and threw it at his head. He groaned and rolled over. - Get up, psycho!

As I was exiting his room, I made sure to smash the door behind me with a loud noise. You know, just to annoy him more.

I went down to the kitchen and sat on the table but didn't start eating. I just crossed my arms in front of my chest and sat there staring at wall waiting for him to come down. I was so not a morning person and mow Ashton was gonna get it.

He came downstairs not long after with cheerful smile on his face. So early in the morning even his damn smile seemed annoying.

- Good morning, sis. How did you sleep? - even his voice sounded so hazily.

- I don't know, some kind of annoying jerk showed up ruining my dream. - I huffed glaring daggers at him as he hesitated to sit next to me then started pouring syrup on his pancakes.

- Here, - he put his pancakes in front of me taking my empty plate away. - Food turns into friends, right?

- Oh, so you first wake me up so damn early and then make me breakfast?! - I mostly screamed.

- Okay, you're the same jerk as Luke in the morning. - Ashton laughed. - Shall we go then?

- Hell no! I'm gonna eat!

Luke? Who the hell was Luke? Jeez, it was too early for me to think properly.


Ashton parked his car on the school parking lot and went off. It was a wide area with lots of space for vehicles. There was a place for motorcycles and another place, to lock your bike.

The sun was already high in the sky, shining brightly and warming the air. I found out that if one stares at the pavement of the parking lot for too long, the reflected sun light would make him dizzy.

My not official just yet brother and I entered the school. Ashton was confident. Way more confident than I was. I could easily see it in the way he walked, talked, looked around and even smiled.

The main hall was full of students that were talking, laughing and etc. I could tell Ashton was popular in school. People were staring at us, specifically at him, as we passed by them. Some girls greeted him, some boy had a handshake with him. He smiled at everyone and greeted people back. I was shorter than most people there and looking at all the faces around me and all the pretty girls, I came to feel slightly uncomfortable and out of place. They were all so tanned.

We went to the principal's office. There was a 30/40 years old man, sitting on a chair behind a desk. He gave me my schedule and the code for my locker, and Ashton and I went out of his office.

- What number is your locker? - Ashton asked.

- 1003. - I read the number on the paper.

- I know where that is.

He lead me up the crowded stairs, on the third floor. While we were moving through the hall and between the students, I noticed that every locker had something on it. Drawings, stickers, pictures, graffiti...

- Here's your locker. - I would've smashed face first in the locker if Ashton hadn't spoken up.

- Cool. - I said with no enthusiasm and put down the code.

The locker opened and I saw that there was a pair of textbooks in it. I took the textbooks for my first period while my new brother was saying:

- Strange, but your locker happened to be beside Luke's.

- Okay. - I said and closed the locker shut. - Who's that guy Luke and why are you mentioning him in every sentence? Wait, you're not a gay, are you?

- No! - Ashton laughed. - Luke's one of my best friends.

- And you're sure you're not gay? - I was looking at him suspiciously with my eyebrows raised and eyes narrowed.

- Wouldn't I tell you if I was?

- We're not that close.

- You're my sis now and for the future I will say lots of shit to you.

- That means that I can tell you shit too?

- Of course!

I looked him up and down.

- You look like a gay.

- I am not! - I was joking with but he was obviously not getting it. Which was making it the more fun. - If I were gay, wouldn't I dress better?

I shrugged my shoulders.

- I don't know. My best friend back is gay and he doesn't have the greatest of style.

- Really?

- Yeah. - I passed him by patting him on the chest. - But don't worry, you dress much better.

- Ema....

- Later, bro.

- Let's take you to your first period.

- And you're not a gay?

- Sorry to disappoint. - he laughed.

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