Falling For The Bad Boy™

Ema Mursur is a 17 year old girl. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her mom. That is until her mother marries Ben Irwin. Ema and her mother move to Sydney, Australia to live with Ben and his son.
When she starts going to school, Ema has a little problems with the bad boy, Luke Hemmings. Will he continue be that rude to her or will he change? Read to find out!


24. Chapter 23

- Why don't you drive faster? - I groaned.

- Why don't you stop asking me this question?

Ashton and I were in his car driving to the jail that Luke was sent. It was out of Sydney and it takes 4 hours to get there. Ashton explained me that Luke isn't really in jail. He was just waiting for someone to take him from there and because his parents were out of the country for a couple of weeks the oner was Ashton's. And mine, but most Ashton's.

- Why do you care, anyway? - asked my brother.

- I don't care I just...

- You know you can tell me everything, right? - Ashton looked at me for a second.

- I know. And I'm telling you the truth. I don't care I'm just... Curious.

- If you say so.

- I do.

The rest of the way passed in silence. I was freaking out. What if they were doing something really bad to him just now? What if when we get there they tell us his dead? Or what if they decide to keep him in jail till death?

'Why do you care?' - Ashton's question sounded in my head. Why did I care? Seriously, why? I didn't even know for myself.

- We're here. - I heard Ashton's voice saying.

I was so hardly thinking 'bout stupid things that I didn't even see that the car stopped.

- Come on, Ema! - Ashton called me.

I went off the car and followed him through the high iron gates and inside the big grey building that was looking like took from a horror movie. There were even ravens flying around the roof. Scary.

We entered the building. Ashton was walking in front of me and I was thankful that he decided to take the lead role 'cause I was completely frightened. I've never imagined I'll come in that kind of place. Yeah, I do lots of shits. I have incursion in one boy's house 'cause I hated him and wanted to make him pay for cheating on me; I have walked on my old school's roof; I have made my enemy's (that's a long story) day the worst day in her life - but I have never though what can happen next. Mean if I do something really really bad, I can go to jail, go in that place I was now in but for another reason and for much longer. But I have never ever though 'bout this.

Ashton was speaking to one police officer like about half an hour till other police officers came and took us to Luke's prison cell. He was lying on the firm bed that all cells have, throwing up and down one little yellow ball. When he noticed we've come, he stood up and came nearer the bars.

- Come on, won't you unlock me? - he looked at the police officers with a little smile.

One of the men sighed and unlocked the cell. Luke came out and started walking to the exit of this damn place. We followed him, passing by a lot of other cells. In them there were different men: thin, fat, with long hair or with no hair, but no matter of the differences, they were all very scary. They were smiling. At me, I had the feeling.


- Won't you at least thank us for saving your ass? - Ashton laughed at Luke.

- That's not what I usually do. - Luke sighed but laughed.

- Stop talking! - I groaned.

When we took Luke from the jail and we were on our way back to home, my head-ache returned and it was terrible. I wasn't able to even just think without it to hurt.

- It's not our fault you got that drunk. - my brother said.

- Leave the girl alone! She's young and pretty, why to not get drunk? - Luke replied.

Wow. He said something good for me. Weird. But I felt strange when I heard those words come out of his mouth. I felt... Good. Wait, he called me pretty?!?! That's new.

Seemed like Luke got what he said and added:

- It's not like I think you're pretty or something I'm just saying that people think you're pretty.

Ashton looked to both of us with a smile.

- What? - Luke and I said together.

- Nothing. - answered my bro smiling again.

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