Falling For The Bad Boy™

Ema Mursur is a 17 year old girl. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her mom. That is until her mother marries Ben Irwin. Ema and her mother move to Sydney, Australia to live with Ben and his son.
When she starts going to school, Ema has a little problems with the bad boy, Luke Hemmings. Will he continue be that rude to her or will he change? Read to find out!


3. Chapter 2

I know I wasn't glad that we're moving and I didn't stop whining, but let me tell you one thing: Sydney was the coolest town I've ever been. Ashton showed me around and I fell in love with two things: the library and the skateboard park. Yes, I do skateboarding. And this park was just awesome!

Also, there was an enormous beach. I just couldn't wait to swim in the ocean. If the weather was still good like today, that won't be a problem.

When it started getting dark, Ashton and I went back home. While we were having dinner with Ben and mom they didn't stop talking about the wedding. My mother was so happy and so excited that she was repeating the same thing couple of times till she gets sure we all understood it. She didn't stop smiling and it was just so strange. I haven't seen her smiling like that since dad was alive and around her.

- Ema, tomorrow, is your first day at the new school. - she finally noticed that I have social life too. - Are you excited? Do you want me to help you choose clothes?

Ashton and Ben laughed.

- Mom! - I said. - I'm a grown up teenage girl! I can choose my clothes without your help!

- Are you sure? Because you always choose those dark clothes and Nirvana shirts. Your closet is full of them.

- Because that is my style. That's what I like.

- I like Nirvana too. - added Ashton, holding his laugh.

- See! - I pointed him. - I'm not the only one.

- Leave her alone, Beth. - Ben said to my mom. - That's what today's teenagers like.

Ashton started laughing out loud.

- Stop it! - I told him.

- As you say, sis. - he tried to be serious.

I really liked Ashton. He was cool, funny, kind and careless. If I had a real brother I would want him to be like Ashton.

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