Falling For The Bad Boy™

Ema Mursur is a 17 year old girl. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her mom. That is until her mother marries Ben Irwin. Ema and her mother move to Sydney, Australia to live with Ben and his son.
When she starts going to school, Ema has a little problems with the bad boy, Luke Hemmings. Will he continue be that rude to her or will he change? Read to find out!


20. Chapter 19

The 'thing' Zayn wanted me to do was to wear a dress but not just a dress. Because I couldn't fit in my dress, Zayn brought me another one. It wasn't mine and I was scared to ask whose the owner.

- There's no way me to wear this! - I said and pointed the dress.

When Ashton saw it, he reacted the same way but Michael was even worse. Calum was laughing all the time and Luke was just saying how terrible I'm gonna look in it. But honestly it really was a dress I won't wear in general. Or at all.

- We had a deal and I want you to do this. To wear the dress at the party.

- When you put it in that way, I think I won't come.

- Late. You already said you'll come.

- I can change my mind.

- No, you can't.


When Zayn left, saying he gotta get the house ready for the party, I called Allicia.

- Get ready for a party! - I said happily in the second she picked up the phone.

- What? - my friend spoke back.

- Zayn is making up a party tonight and he invited us.

- Zayn? Like Zayn Malik?

- Um... I guess. Not sure for his surname.

- And he invited us?

- Yep. So you better dress something hot 'cause my dress is a killer! - I looked at it.

- We can't go. - Allicia sighed.

- Why?

- Two reasons: First, Zayn Malik is one of the bad boys with his friends. He's better than Luke but he's still bad.

- Second?

- Second, you're punished. If you don't remember your mother told you to not go anywhere after school.

- Omg, I totally forgot 'bout that! - I mostly screamed.

- So we won't go to the party? - she said hopely.

- We will. I promised Zayn.

- But Zayn won't help you to trick your parents, right?

- You're not sure. - I hung up the phone.

An evil smile appeared on my face.


- Ashton! Ashton! - I shouted, knocking on the door of his bedroom. - Ashton!

- What?! - he opened the door with anointment when he saw me. - Oh, it was you? Come in.

He let me go into the room. It was big, like mine, with black walls covered with posters of metal bands.

- You're room is so cool. - I smiled.

- You think? - I nodded. - I thought a lot for it's design.

I laughed.

- Yeah, like hell.

- So why did you come here? - he sat on the bed.

- I need your help.

- Go on. - he sighed.

- You remember mom punishment for the dog and the pink paint on my clothes?

- Yeah. - he said slowly.

- Well, do you remember her exact words?

- You will clean the whole house up, wash the dishes every evening and you won't be going anywhere after school but home. - Ashton tried to sound like my mom. - And you will get rid of that dog!

- Yeah. - I laughed. And about the part of 'not going anywhere else after school but home' ...

- You wanna go to Zayn's party, right?

- Maybe?

- Well. - my bro sighed. - You have en enormous luck. Dad and your mom are going on a date tonight?

- Really?

- Yep. He asked me what should he wear. - laughed Ashton. - Zayn invited the boys and me, so we are gonna go too. It won't be a problem.

- But mom punished me not you. You don't have a problem to go anywhere you want anytime you want.

- Probably, but if you go, I won't tell them.

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