Falling For The Bad Boy™

Ema Mursur is a 17 year old girl. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her mom. That is until her mother marries Ben Irwin. Ema and her mother move to Sydney, Australia to live with Ben and his son.
When she starts going to school, Ema has a little problems with the bad boy, Luke Hemmings. Will he continue be that rude to her or will he change? Read to find out!


19. Chapter 18

Mr Dillon decided to make the detention longer because Zayn and I were talking back to him. He was thinking he's harassing us that way but in fact, it was kind of funny and nice. Zayn and I got to know each other better and he was very funny.

When the detention ended we got out of the room at the courtyard of the school.

- There's a party tonight. - said Zayn.

- What kind of? - I asked.

- Well, it's in my house. I'm making party every Friday night.

- Cool.

- So, you wanna come? - he looked at me.

- Well... I'm not sure.

- C'mon, it will be fun!

- Still not sure.

- You can bring your friend. The girl I saw you sitting at lunch time with.

- Allicia?

- Yeah. Her.

- Ok. - I laughed. - I'll ask her.

- Hope she agrees. - he smiled back.

Zayn wanted to send me to my house so I agreed 'cause didn't wanna go home alone. While walking we were talking a lot of shits. Zayn was able to make me laugh more than anyone. When we got to my house I unlocked the front door and went in, going into the kitchen. I left the door opened so that Zayn will come in but seemed like he didn't. I looked by the corner and saw the black haired boy standing outside with his hands in his pockets.

- Won't you come in? - I asked.

He looked at me with a little surprise.

- Um... Yeah... Sure.

I shook my head and laughed. Went back to the kitchen and heard the crack of the front door and just after a second, Zayn was already next to me.

- There's no problem for you to stay, right? - I asked.

- Nope. - he said.

- Then, what do you wanna do?

- I don't know.


- Can't believe we're doing this. - groaned Zayn.

- You wanted it. - I sighed.

- Thought it'd be easier.

- Zayn! - I screamed. - Pull it out! It hurts!

- You're too tiny! - he screamed back. - How do you expect to not hurt?!

What we were doing? What were you thinking? (Pervez.) We were choosing clothes for tonight party.

- You wanted me to wear something sexy. - I said. - It's not my fault that my dress is so small.

- I still don't understand how you don't fit in it. You're so thin.

- I'm not thin. I'm stronger that you.

- You're not. - Zayn shrugged.

- Ok then. I give 10$ that I can lift you.

- What if you can't?

- I'll do something you want.

- Deal.


I couldn't lift him anyway. He was heavier than I thought. So I happened to be in that kind of situation that I had to do something that Zayn wants.

- Ok. What should I do? - I asked him.

We were sitting on my bed in my bedroom.

- I told you you won't be able to lift me. - he laughed. - But did you believe me? No! So don't whine!

- As you see, I'm not whining. - I smiled. - Just asking what you want me to do.

- Mmm don't know. - he thought for a minute. He suddenly jumped off the bed and down the stairs.

- Where are you going? - I screamed while running after him.

- I'll be back in 20 mins. - he flew through the front door in the same moment Ashton, Michael, Calum and Luke were coming in. - Hey.

They got very surprised when they saw Zayn but he left the house before they could say anything. Which means they're gonna ask ME questions.

- What is Zayn doing here? - asked Ashton.

- Nothing. - I shrugged and went in the kitchen.

- Didn't seem like nothing. - muttered Michael.

- Well, it was nothing. - I took one slice of pizza and started eating it.

- Really? - Calum started eating pizza too. - Because I heard you scream: Zayn! Pull it out! It hurts!

Ashton and Michael were laughing, Calum smiling looking at me and Luke... Well he was just sitting on one chair. I looked at Calum misunderstanding till I understood what he meant.

- No no no! - I said. - It wasn't like that. - seemed like they didn't believe me. - Really. It was nothing like that! He invited me to his party tonight and wanted to make sure I'm gonna wear something, like he said 'sexy'. So we were trying to fit me in one dress but we couldn't anyway.

- Because you're fat. - said Luke. - And you can't look sexy in anything.

I perfectly knew I wasn't fat. I was wearing S/XS jeans and even though I didn't really care how do I look, I knew I was thin. Even so Luke got me annoyed of his words and behavior.

- Did somebody ask you? - I questioned.

- I don't need somebody to give me permission to talk.

- Like when you talk in class and annoy the teachers?

- Exactly. - he smiled. - Seems like you know what I do. Maybe you like me and that's why you look at me all the time?

- I don't look at you! - I said but got a little red 'cause I knew I was really looking at him in some classes. With no reason. But I would never agree with that when he says it. - And how can I not know what you're doing in class when you don't stop talking and don't let me listen the teacher.

- Or sleep in history? - added Calum.

- That too. Wait, how do you know 'bout this?

- I'm in this class too. - Calum smiled.

- Look like you're more stupid than I thought. - Luke said rudely.

In that moment Zayn came in the kitchen holding something black.

- What's that? - I asked already knowing the answer.

- The thing I want you to do.

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