Falling For The Bad Boy™

Ema Mursur is a 17 year old girl. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her mom. That is until her mother marries Ben Irwin. Ema and her mother move to Sydney, Australia to live with Ben and his son.
When she starts going to school, Ema has a little problems with the bad boy, Luke Hemmings. Will he continue be that rude to her or will he change? Read to find out!


18. Chapter 17

Actually, I didn't really think to go to the nurse. Instead I went in the bathroom and washed my elbows and knees then went back in the women's locker room and got changed. The ring rang in the moment I was going out of the locker.


The rest of the periods weren't the best. I had math and english with Luke and the math was my last period for the day. As usual Luke and some of his friends were sitting in the back of the classroom, being noise and annoying.

- Shut up! - I whispered to them.

- And why would we, nerd? - Laughed Luke.

- If I was a nerd I wouldn't be able to beat you up, which believe me, is going to happen very soon.

- Don't dare me. - he whispered back.

- Maybe I am. - I was really getting angry.

He was about to say something when the teacher interrupted him by shouting.

- Mursur! Hemmings! What is going on there?!

- Nothing. - we both said.

I looked at him with the most scary look I had so did he.


I entered the detention room and saw Zayn's black hair. I sat on the chair right next to him.

- Hey.

- Hey. - he smiled. - How did you get detention this time?

- Actually in a very absurd way. - I sat comfortably and looked at Zayn.

- Coach Dillan sent me on detention because I sward in PE.

- Seriously?!

- Yeah, I don't know what is he trying to do with this but swearing is part of the language in today's teens. Is he social less or something?

Zayn shrugged. In that moment Mr Dillan came in the room and sat on the teacher's desk.

- Oh, Ema. - he said. - So you got detention again?

- It's not fair to give me detention only because of swearing!

- She's right. - added Zayn.

- I can give you detention for what I want. You tried to split pink paint on me on the second day of you in this school and you did it on detention. Who gets detention on the second day?!

- Me./Her. - said Zayn and I both.

- Besides, I didn't split the paint on you! You split it on me!

- Well. - he smiled... Proudly?! - I won't reject that. But I'm warning you: if you do something for detention again, I won't send you on detention. I'll make you do something else, worse that detention. Understood?

- I'm not scared.

- We'll see that.

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