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5. Start of Dreams Coming True

   Felicity's  POV

    "Uh.. ya."  I said softly. We just stared at each other for at least a minute. "So," I said trying to make the awkwardness go away, "do you live 'round here?"

"Ya, I live on Milne street."  "REALLY! I live on Snc, the street right next to that!" I said.

"COOL, I guess ill see you round then" he spoke excitedly.

"Ya" I said not sure how I felt about the situation.


   Just as I turned around and started to walk away he called out "OH YA WHATS UR NAME?

"Felicity" I told him. "AND you?"

"Michael" he said and turned and walked away.

                                                      [After the Store]

"MOM!" "I'm home!"


"Moms in the shower" Jenn said.

"K" I said and went straight up to my room.

I decided to get in the shower and stripped down ran the steaming water and got in. When I was done I grabbed my towel out of the closet...dried myself off...blow dried my hair and went to my closet. I picked out my sweatshirt and sweat pants and put them on.

                                                       [skip dinner]

It was about 12:00 when we got in and by now it was 9:00. I went up to my room and checked my twitter. I saw that I got a follow request from someone that I did not recognize but I accepted anyway. (considering my only 50 followers)  I then saw that he pm me and said "hey I have seen you on YouTube my company think you are really good!" Ok so I knew that there name was  "Cannons Record Company" but I thought It was a fan page. Cannons Record Company was the BEST record company and if they liked you, you were awesome!



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