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2. Silent Meeting


        Felicity was 16 years old and she was deaf. She was 5 years old when she was diagnosed with a disease that left her deaf. Even though she didn't like being deaf at first she became more conferrable with it and she was just happy she was alive and survived. She was 5'4 pretty skinny but not too skinny. She had very long brown hair and the most beautiful bluish greenish eyes. (hazel) She loved music... OK I know that sounds weird but she was a great singer she loved to write music and perform. She would perform on her block and put signs up, EVERYONE knew he who lived in her town.

      She loved a lot of smaller bands but she really liked One Direction. She wasn't familiar with them that much but she did love the music. She new every word to all of there songs, she would sometimes even perform there songs. Since she is deaf she is also REALLY good at sign language. She would sometimes sign when she sang on her block.

   "COME ON FELICITY!"  signed her 20 year old sister in a irritating way. Jennifer (her sisters name) was still living with her parents because she could not afford a house of her own. Her boyfriend (well x) cheated on her and broke her heart. She was nice and all but she was just pushy sometimes. Felicity was moving to England and she did not really know how she felt about it she was excited but also very sad having to leave her neighbors. She was only staying for 1 1/2 years to go live with her grandmother, Vivian. She was in the hospital for her surgery and they didn't know what was going on so they were staying for a while.

(hey guys/gals how do u like chapter 1? I know its short but its just basically explaining things. tell me what u like don't like and any suggestions. also if u would like to be a character plz plz plz do NOT be afraid to ask I WILL find some plac eto put u :) thx my darlings COMMENT!)

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