New movella


4. Familiar Faces


       I swore I know him from somewhere...! Oh well ill gust ignore it will come back to me.

                                                           (skip plane ride)

 We are out of the plane and there he is, going to the same place I am. The same guy I saw on the plane with me. Anyways I still try to ignore him.

    We get to the house we are going to be staying in and I have to say it quite large. Everyone had a room of there own and they were all master bedrooms. We go in and put our stuff in. We didn't bring any furniture so we don't have much heavy stuff to carry.

    "Felicity!" my mom calls. "Will you go to the store and buy some groceries?"

      (at the store)

       HEY! I hear a loud voice behind me.  "Yo- you are that girl from the plane that I saw you singing to something.     


    what will happen next?!?!? any ideas? comment if u want a part and alittle about u.


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