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Ruby was always a curious girl... And that's exactly what threw her out of her last school. Ruby Barrett is the badass that no one can get past her mysterious ways and the walls that she built up... Except... Maybe someone from holly high school by the name of luke hemmings can help a bit at that.



Ruby's pov.

Stepping out of my car and walking towards the school I felt eyes immediately fall on me. Someone whistled at me and I looked over to were the noise came from. He was cute, blond hair, blue eyes, typical American boy. I just winked at him and continued walking. Today I was wearing a black crop too that says badass on it, high waisted shorts with my signature leather jacket black boots and a beanie. I thought I looked decent.

The day dragged on consisting of getting introduced to new people, sleeping through classes, seeing the hole food web- you know, the sluts, the populars, the geeks, nerds, outcasts, and my personal favorite: the mischiefs. No doubt I will soon join the trouble maker "posey" of this school. When lunch swung by I walked outside to the front of the school, I fished out my cigarets and found a place where there were no cameras that could catch me. Ironic I already found the spot. I just sat there taking drags of it while getting lost in thought. I was soon interrupted by someone clearing their throat. "Hey your the new girl right?"

I looked up to see a girl in fishnet stockings, an oversized red zeppelin T-shirt and red converse. Her hair was a chestnut color that matched her eyes. "Yeah that's me, I'm Ruby, who're you?"

"I'm makayla, you can call me kayla though. Come here, you seem cool so if you want you can be apart of our group now." I just shrugged but followed her anyways.

"This is Michael, Calum, and Ashton. Guys this is Ruby." Kayla said pointing to them as she list the names. Michael had bright dyed red hair and ripped black skinny jeans. With even more rips he had a jack Daniels shirt. Calum had a few tattoos with a grey v neck shirt and ripped black skinny jeans. His hair had blonde highlights over his black hair. Ashton had long stringy hair with a bandana and ripped skinny jeans. What I don't get is that he had a pony shirt... They were all crazy hot. There was a chorus of hey's and high fives. They asked what school I used to go to and right when I was about to answer the question when the bell rung.

"Well I'll see you guys after class." I said and slowly started to walk to the big brick building. "Ugh I don't feel like learning" I mumbled as I disappears through the black doors.


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