I don't love Eli Kingston!

For the record I , Mia Jones, DO NOT love Eli Kingston! He's just a friend. A cute friend. A really cute, funny, adorable friend! And I do not care what Parker tells me.


2. My little assistant

                     "Please?" Parker asks. "Fine" I say and hand her "Harry Potter" off the shelf. Parker squeals. I pull over a wooden ladder that slides on top of the tallest shelf and climb up two steps. ""Milkweed"?" I say and stretch out my hand.  Parker hands me a grey book by Jerry Spinelli. I climb a couple steps higher and place it next to the 4 other copies. "Hey Curly!" I call to her. Her carrot red curls swing around as she turns to face me. "Can I see "The knots in my yo-yo string" please?" Her green eyes glare at me. "What!" I yell. "Im reading it" she whines. "Then give me "Harry Potter"!" I yell again. She rolls her eyes and tosses up "The Knots in my Yo-Yo string". I place it in the shelf and climb up to the top shelf to see if they are in order. Once I reach the top I hear my phone ring. Angry birds ringtone. Parker changed it again. "Who is it?!" I yell. "Your boyfriend!" I hear in response. "Harry Styles?" I ask both hopefully and sarcastically. "No." Parker laughs. "Its Eli" She continues. I roll my eyes. I climb down the ladder until I reach the floor. "Hey big bro." She says. There is a pause. "Hold on a sec" she says and puts my phone to her shoulder. She looks at me. "When do you want him to pick me up?" she asks. I shrug.  "She says she doesn't know but you can come to the library to kiss her if you want." I reach over for my phone and yell to give it back. Parker puts the phone to her ear. "Yeah. Here she is." she says and hands me my phone. "so you want to kiss me" Said Eli in that perfect voice of his. "No" I lie. Eli chuckles. "What time do you want me to pick her up?" He asks.  "Huh. Oh yeah. You can come whenever. I could use help." I say. Eli laughs. I  get worried. "I'll be there in a bit." He says and hangs up. I sigh with relief. "Why did  you lie? You know you wanna kiss him." Parker teases. I jump backwards and plop onto the grey couch. Im going to embarrass myself in front of Eli. I know it.


     Parker jumps backwards and lands next to me. "Mia and Eli sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G" she sings. I put a pillow over my face and scream. "I don't like Eli" I say into the pillow. "Yeah you do" Parker says. I know she's right. "Well you cant meet Eli dressed like that" Parker snaps. "What." I say looking down at my outfit. Ponytail, glasses, big T-shirt, jean shorts, Nikes. "Why" I say. "Not proper date attire" She says. Im surprised she knew that word. She takes my wrist and drags me to the other room. I packed extra clothes because I stay here overnight sometimes. Don't judge. Its open. 24\7 and it gets busy during testing and I don't like being home. She goes into my bag and pulls out  jeggings (I don't know why I have those) and a black Nirvana T-shirt. Its nicer than what im wearing. "Go change" she yells. I go in the bathroom and change. When I come out she gives me a thumbs up. Then she jumps on my back and wraps her ankles around my waist. I scream for her to get off. "Wait" she yells. She's pulling my hair. Then she jumps off. "There" she says and jumps off my back I look in a mirror. She put my hair in a bun. I don't know how but she did. I put on my glasses and look in the mirror again. "I look good" I say. "Just in time too. " Parker says as her brother walks in the room. "Hey" he says. 'Im doomed' I think. 


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