Luna Uzumaki (A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story)

We have all heard of the story of Naruto Uzumaki right? But we haven't heard of his sister, Luna Uzumaki. What if she had part of the Nine- Tails in her as well? This is Luna's story on how she finds her life as a Ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I do Not own Naruto rights go to the creator I only own my characters


1. Info

Name: Luna Uzumaki


Age: 12 older than Naruto by 10 minutes.


Looks: Medium length straight Red hair( Mother), Bright blue eyes( Father).


Height: Taller than Naruto but a head shorter than Sakura.


Weapons: Basic Ninja tools, Katana, Chakra Strings.


Jutsus: Knows Medical Ninjustsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu.


Chakra Natures: Fire, and Water for now. Later for Chunin exams will have Wind.

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