Luna Uzumaki (A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story)

We have all heard of the story of Naruto Uzumaki right? But we haven't heard of his sister, Luna Uzumaki. What if she had part of the Nine- Tails in her as well? This is Luna's story on how she finds her life as a Ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I do Not own Naruto rights go to the creator I only own my characters


10. Chapter 9: The new Teams


 *Time Skip*

(Luna's POV):

   We were on our way towards the academy for the meeting of finding out who was on our teams as gennin when I heard shuffling feet behind us.

"Hey Naru-kun you hear that as well right?" I whisper in my brother's ear as we still continue to walk towards the Academy/

  The response that I got back was a nod of the head.

End Recap.


Chapter 9 starts Now

(Luna's POV):

  "That is the worst disguise I have ever seen." I state out towards who I know is Konohamaru underneath the fence like sheet against the actual fence. 

  "Naru-kun i'm gonna head on towards the academy alright." I state while already walking away and heading towards the academy and waving my hand towards the two knuckleheads.

* Time Skip *

  I was sitting in the classroom waiting for Iruka- Sensei to come and introduce our gennin teams. As well as waiting for Naruto to show up as well. So far the only people who were present in the room were me, Sasuke and a sleeping Shikamaru Nara.

In stead of sitting in my usual seat I desided to sit somewhere else today.

 The seat I chose was next to the 'heartthrob of the school' Sasuke Uchiha. Though I don't see him as that like the rest of the girls in this class. And he doesn't see me as an annoying fangirl. He is a good training partner to help me with my fire jutsu's.

"Morning Sasuke." I say while looking at him from my seat then turned my attention towards the window just watching the clouds go by outside.

 "Hn. Morning" I am shocked to here him say something other than 'hn' in front of others in this classroom besides myself.

"Ready to be put into a team?" I ask him kind of already knowing what his answer is going to be.

"Hn. A team would just slow me down." Is his reply just like I thought it would be. I smirk at him coming up with an idea.

"So what if I was one of those team members you speak of? Would that include me as well?" I ask while smirking at how this conversation could turn out.

   "No not really." Sasuke replies in a very mumbled voice that I could just barely make out what he said.

 "Really? And why would that be?" I ask kind of surprised at his answer about if I was one of his team members.

  " Youragoodadfjoajef." Was all I heard from him for he turned his head the other way with his hands still covering his mouth like normal. The action making me think that he is embarrassed in what he was saying to me. I smirk at how my idea is coming along. It may sound mean at first, but to me this is actually entertaining; especially at seeing actual emotions coming from the typical stoic Uchiha survivor.

"What was that? I couldn't quite here that?" I say while putting my hand up to my ear and lean myself more towards Sasuke with a big watt smile plastered upon my face, clearly enjoying the moment while it lasts.


Is all I hear from Sasuke before he turns his head back to face my direction; causing me to lean back in the original sitting position in my chair.

 "Hn. I said your a good fighting partner." Sasuke clarified for me finally with what looked like a tint of on his cheeks. Which only caused me to smirk even more at how my idea was working so well.

   "Awe thanks Sasuke. Your not so bad of a partner yourself." I say while getting up out of my seat and hugging him around his neck which causes him to jump at the sudden action. Also making his stupid fangirls that are now present to scream out in protest for me touching their 'precious sasuke'. Yeah while we were talking almost everyone who was in our class showed up. All besides Iruka Sensei. 

   Suddenly I here the sound of what seems like a stampede from outside the class room door. Then it bangs open making me turn in the direction. There fighting in the doorway is two of the Uchiha's fangirls who kind of act like the leaders of the Uchiha fan club. Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno.

   As they both come barging into the room they both shout out at the same time "I'm First!!" while spreading their arms out wide hiting each other in the face and are completely out of breathe.

  "Hey Sasuke your two most adoring fangirls have arrived" I say in a sing-songy type voice just to irritate him even more with a smirk plastered onto my face looking at the stoic boy next to me. But in the corner of my eye I can see my brother just finished talking to another classmate of ours Shikamaru Nara. Then Naruto looks in the direction that Sakura and Ino are in probably day dreaming about the pink haired girl making me roll my eyes.

  "Hn." Is the respose to my announcement that I got back from the Uchiha. Which the way he said it sounded like he was getting even more frusterated than he already was. Suddenly my brother was pushed out of his seat by Sakura who was now standing in the isle of seats; obviously wanting to have the seat that I am sitting in that's next to the Uchiha.

 " Good morning Sasuke." Sakura says with her hands folded against her chest. I glance towards Sasuke to see he is looking towards the front of the class with his usual bored look on his face. I elbow him discretely in his side making him glare at me for doing so while I gesture by using my head towards the pink haired girl I just smile innocently at the boy.

"Mind if I sit next to you?" Sakura asks Sasuke. She apparently is ignoring me who is at the moment sitting next to him already. Then I notice that Ino has came over to join in the conversation; which will sooner or later be turning into a massive argument between most of the girls in this class.

"Back off forehead! I'm sitting next to Sasuke!" Ino states loudly while grabbing Sakura's arm trying to pull her out of the way of the isle. "I was here first!" Sakura argues back at Ino in a sort of whisper trying not to draw attention towards this area in the class room. 

"I walked into the class room before you did! Everyone saw it!" Ino counters now almost every girl that was in this class was arguing with Ino and Sakura in getting my spot next to Sasuke making me groan in annoyance at their presence and fall back lazily in my seat.

"When will they stop." I mutter to myself but apparently not quiet enough for Sasuke 'Hn'ed' at me.

(Third POV):

In the Hokage's tower all the Jounin that want to lead a team of the newly graduated Genin are present and looking into a crystal ball along with the Hokage looking at everything that is going on inside of the classroom.

"Most promising new student. . . Sasuke Uchiha is that him?" A Jounin asks the Hokage who are looking at the boy through the crystal ball.

"Yes. He's the one." The Third Hokage answers back with his hands folded ontop of his desk.

  "He's the only survivor of the Uchiha clan." A girl Jounin with red eyes and shoulder length curly black hair says.

"That's right." The Hokage states back, confirming the red eyed Jounin's statement.

"Hmmm. Naruto Uzumaki." A gravity defying grey/white haired Jounin states while looking into the Third Hokage's crystal ball as it shows the blonde haired Genin sitting on the floor behind a group of fangirls.

(Back in the Classroom still Third Person's POV):

 The younger Uzumaki, Naruto, got an angered look on his face for all the attention the Uchiha is getting. Even his own sister is giving the Uchiha more attention than she gives him at home. Which makes him wonder if she likes his rival even a little bit.

  Suddenly Naruto is standing on the desk right in Sasuke's face glaring daggers at his rival, making the Uchiha look up. While his sister Luna looks at her brother in a confused manner and scratching her head as well.

  This action caused Sasuke's fangirls to grow angry at the blonde boy. "Naruto!!! Hey stop glaring at Sasuke!!" The pink haired Sakura shouts at Naruto making said boy glance in her direction in confusion.

'Sakura. Why are they so obsessed with him. Sasuke!! Sasuke!!! What's the big deal with this guy?'' Naruto thought to himself while looking at said girl, and then goes back to glaring at the Uchiha. Sasuke also doing the same thing back towards Naruto.

  Suddenly a guy that was sitting in the row in front of Sasuke got up out of his seat wanting to see what was gonna happen and bumped Naruto forward into Sasuke. Causing angry shouts and confusion to rise up from the fangirls.

  The reason for that is because when Naruto got bumped in the back, it caused his lips to lock with Sasuke's. In other words the two said boys are now kissing each other.

 "What the. . . . " Sakura states confused at what just happened while Ino says. . . " I uh." also confused at what just happened before her eyes.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Is all that could be heard around the classroom besides the two boys trying to get jerms out of they're mouths' from what just happened to them.

  'Danger' Naruto thought to himself as he stopped trying to get Sasuke's 'jerms' out of his mouth and turns towards the angry herd of fangirls ready to pummel him to a pulp.

  "Naruto!! You are so dead!!" Sakura states calmly towards the blonde boy though on the inside she is freaking pissed off.

  Meanwhile Luna is waiting for the right time to intervine(spelling?) so that her brother doesn't get injured to badly by the Uchiha's fangirls.

"Hey woah it was an accident!" Naruto tries to reason with Sakura who was now cracking her knuckles getting ready to beat the crap out of the blonde boy.

 "Your finished!" Sakura replies with a scary look on her face making Naruto scared out of his mind at what is about to happen to him.

'Hold on!!' Naruto thought to himself as the camera goes back to showing the Jounin and the Hokage in the Hokage's Tower.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hokage Tower~~~~~~~~~~~~

"As usual, Naruto is right in the middle of some kind of trouble." The Hokage states as they watch the fangirls try and to beat up the blonde but don't succeed for Luna interveins(spelling?) saving her brother from getting beaten to a pulp.

  "And as usual, Luna has to clean up his mess." The Hokage states as they watch the red headed kunoichi as she fights off the rabid fangirls from hurting her brother.

"Luna Uzumaki huh? She's at the top of the class along with the Uchiha. And the older sister to Naruto Uzumaki." The jounin with a cigarette in his mouth states.

  "That is correct." The Hokage states also looking at how the older Uzumaki defended her brother from the attacking fangirls with a smile on his face.

~~~~~~~~Back in the Classroom~~~~~~~~~

(Luna's POV):

Iruka sensei finally arrived and I saved my brother from getting beaten to a pulp by fighting away Sakura and Ino who now both have big bumps forming on the top of their heads from how hard that I hit them. Sakura was the one who got to sit in the same row and Sasuke. This is how the seating went from left to right; Sasuke, me, Naruto then Sakura at the end.

   "As of today, you are all ninja's. To get here you've faced difficult trials and hardships, but that's nothing. What comes next will be far more difficult. Now your only Genin, first level ninja's. All the Genin will be placed into three man squads one squad will have four member; being there's an odd number of graduates this year. Each squad will be lead by a Jounin, an elite ninja." Iruka says his speech while that last statement about three man squad ran through my head.

  'A three or four man squad huh?' I thought to myself as I'm sure that's what everyone else is figuring out who they would want to be partnered up with. For me I wouldn't mind who I'm partnered with besides any of Sasuke's fangirls.

    "We want each squad to have a balance of strength and abilities. So that's how we set them up. I will now announce the squads!" Iruka sensei announced catching everyone's attention back to him once more.

 "Squad 7! Being as their is an odd number of students this year this team will have four members!" Iruka said catching the remaining future squad members attention waiting for their names to be called including mine.

 "Naruto Uzumaki!!, Sakura Haruno!" As soon as Iruka sensei said that Sakura was gonna be on my brother's squad he immediately jumped up from his seat into the air with a fist pump. While Sakura just bowed her head in what I'm guessing was shame. Which made me glare murderously at the cotton candy head in anger.

  "Sasuke Uchiha," when Iruka said Sasuke's name Pinky and Naruto switched places. Sakura cheered happily while Naruto bowed his head. Making me chuckle at the two. ' They're a like in some ways.' I thought to myself then I looked to see what Sasuke's reaction would be to being on a team with those two. He just remained nutral to the whole thing then I remembered that this squad will be having four members instead of three.

I looked back towards the front at Iruka sensei waiting for him to announce the fourth member of this squad.

  "and Luna Uzumaki!!" 'Well this will be an interesting team. I'm with my brother, my best friend, and a fangirl.' I thought to myself. I then glanced at Sasuke who was looking my way with a smirk on his face. I smiled back slightly knowing that we work well together and I work well with my brother as well but I'm still not sure how well I will work with Sakura on the team.

  (No One's POV):

After Iruka announced the members of squad 7 he then went on to announce the remaining teams.

"Squad 8! Hinata Hyuga," the young Hyuga looked up at her name being called and responded in a whisper, "Yes sir," "Kiba Inuzuuka." Kiba looked up from his spot with a giant grin plastered on his face. "Shino Auburame." Shino just pushed his sunglasses up and did nothing else.

 Ino and Sakura then started to have a rivalry conversation over the Uchiha.

  "Grrr!! How did you get into his group?!!" Ino asked the pink haired Kunoichi who just gave her a peace sign while her 'inner Sakura' was cheering; "Ka Ching!! True love concours all!!"

Ino just got even more angered while Shikamaru Nara just glanced at the blonde Kunoichi with a bored look.

  "I don't get it. What do you see in a guy like that? He's not so special. Why can't you just be like Luna? I mean she just acts like a friend to the guy. And isn't a fangirl." Luna hears Shika say about her. Making her turn around in her seat to look at the boy with a smile on her face. The Nara just looks at the red head and turns away with a slight pink tint on his face.

    "You are so beyond clueless Shikamaru. Don't you get it?" Ino asks the Nara clearly annoyed.

"No I don't get it cause I'm not a girl" Shikamaru replies boredly. While Ino just sighs at the boy and says; "Your so full of yourself, jealousy's a terrible thing. I'd hate to be on your squad." 

Iruka then started to announce the next squad.

 "Now squad 10; Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara;" As soon as Iruka said those to names Shikamaru made a comeback at what Ino said earlier; " Ha! Did you say something about hating to be on my squad?" Once Ino heard that she just growled at the boy. "And Choji Akamichi." Iruka finished as Ino grabbed her head in despair. 'Not food boy too!!!'  Ino thought to herself at who her two teammates were.

  (Luna's POV):

"Those are all the squads." Iruka stated when suddenly Naruto stood up out of his seat and pointed towards Sasuke shouting; " Iruka Sensei!! Why does a great ninja like me, have to be in the same group with a slug like Sasuke?!?!" 

   "Sasuke was one of the best scores of all the graduating students. Naruto!! You had the worst scores." Iruka explained, but I was confused as to who the other student was apparently so was Sakura because she shouted; "What do you mean by one of the top students sensei?"

Iruka looked at her.

  " Well Saskue was the best in weapons and strength, while Luna was the best in strategy and speed.  They balance each other out that's why they are the top genin of the year." Iruka sensei explained to the rest of the class who I noticed that all had shocked looks on their faces, who then turned to look in my direction. I could also feel Sasuke's gaze on me as well making me turn my head in his direction with a small smile upon my face giving him a piece sign and tilt my head to the side a little as well.

  (No One's POV):

   When the young Uchiha looked towards the red head in surprise at being tied first for being top of the class; the red headed kunoichi turned her gaze towards the young Uchiha with a small smile present on her face and gave a piece sign with her head tilted towards the side and her eyes closed. This action caused the Uchiha to form a slight blush on his face that was hidden behind his folded hands that were resting in front of his face. He soon then looked away from the girl that he has a slight crush on.

  Then Iruka sensei started to talk once more bringing the attention of his students back on him once again.

 "You will meet your Jounin sensei after lunch. You are dismissed." Iruka says while putting down the paper he was holding and then starts walking out of the classroom like most of his now previous students were doing.

  Almost the whole class was gone except for the two top students of the class were still sitting in their seats mulling over what has been announced.

 "Hey Sasuke I brought you some lunch would you like some?" The Red headed Uzumaki asked the ever so silent Uchiha as she held up a boxed luch that contained the boy's favorite foods.

 "Hn." The boy responded as he took the boxed lunch from the girls' hands and stood up from his seat and began walking towards the door of the classroom with the intention of going to eat somewhere else besides in the classroom.

As he got up the red head looked at the boy in confusion wondering where he would be going.

  "Well, are you coming or not?" The black haired Uchiha spoke as he moved his head slightly so he could look at the girl who still sat in her seat with a confused look on her face.

 The sound of the boy's voice shook her from her thoughts as she stood up from her seat and followed the Uchiha out of the classroom and into what she assumed to be the young Uchiha's house/apartment to eat their lunches in piece; and away from his fangirls.

(Luna's POV):

   As Sasuke and I  were walking towards his house I was wondering what he thought about me being tied with him for being the top students in the graduating class. I thought about voicing my question about the matter but decided against it seeing as how it would probably affect what happened when his brother killed his entire family.

  Yes Sasuke has told me about how he wants to avenge his clan and kill his older brother Itachi Uchiha. But from what Sasuke has told me of what his brother said to him before he became unconscious has me puzzled a little bit. Why would his older brother want him to despize so much hatred that he would have to kill him? What really drove Itachi to want to kill the whole Uchiha clan? Was someone else controling his brother in order to get to the Uchiha clans demise?

  "una. . . Luna!!! Luna are you listening!!!!" I heard a voice call out to me causing me to drift back to the present and out of my thoughts causing me to look up at Sasuke.

  "What?" I ask in a tired voice seeing as how I didn't get that much sleep last night after we had our training session.

  "We're here." Sasuke says while gesturing towards the front door of his house. While he got his keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door before entering. I soon followed after and closed the door once inside. 

  "So what should I make us for lunch?" I ask Sasuke who has sat himself on his couch and turned the tv on to some fighting show.

"Onigi with tomato." Is what came out of my best friend's mouth without turning his gaze away from the tv screen.


(No One's POV):

        Unknown to the two teens; their was a feeling deep down in their hearts that has been hidden from them since they were little. A feeling that neither of them thought they would feel towards each other.  The boy thought he could not feel anything besides hatred has started or rather has been feeling another emotion for a long time now; though whenever it appeared he decided to ignore that emotion ever since his clan was mascered(Au: spelling?) by his older brother.  The girl however thought that the emotion was towards her younger brother, Naruto. However, she was clearly mistaken. For that emotion that she new was love/admoration was not towards her brother; but towards her best friend.

 In other words the two team members are in love with one another. How long will it take them to realize it?   



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