Luna Uzumaki (A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story)

We have all heard of the story of Naruto Uzumaki right? But we haven't heard of his sister, Luna Uzumaki. What if she had part of the Nine- Tails in her as well? This is Luna's story on how she finds her life as a Ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I do Not own Naruto rights go to the creator I only own my characters


9. Chapter 8: Waking up My Brother is a Pain but Entertaining^_^


"Who are you anyway giving me a big lecture like that? That's it! I'm not gonna be your apprentice anymore. From now on we're rivals." Konohamaru states with a great big smile upon his face.

"Haha. Well I can't be your trainer anyway. Tomorrow I start my advanced ninja studies, but I except your challenge, and someday we'll fight for the title of Lord Hokage. So let's both look forward to that day, Konohamaru." Naruto states as he starts walking towards home, I smile back at Konohamaru and wave goodbye to him as well and start to follow my brother back towards our home.

'Naruto, in my eyes I believe that you will become a great Hokage one day, maybe even greater than the fourth Hokage.' I thought to myself with a smile upon my face.

End Recap.


Chapter 8 Starts Now!!!!

(Luna's POV):

Today was the day when we would be getting our teams as Genin. I was a little nervous, for even though my teammates are going to be a few of my fellow classmates, I'm not that good around people that I don't know really well; also I really haven't made many friends with the other classmates.Especially the Sasuke fan club. I don't know what I would do if I was stuck in a team with one of the Sasuke obsessed fan girls.

Anyway, back to my daily morning routine.

I took a shower and then got dressed in my ninja outfit. (Outfit is on the side).---->>>

I was about to head towards the kitchen, I noticed that I left my headband on my bedside dresser. I grabbed my headband into my hands and tried to figure out where too put it.

'I'll plut it around my waist as a belt.' I thought with a small smile on my face as I finished tying it and walked towards my brother's appartment.

You see, even though we are brother and sister; we only found two 1 bedroom apartments cheap enough for us to live in. So we bought one for ourselves that are right next door to eachother.

'Well time for me to wake Naru-kun up' I thought with a sigh at the end of my thought.

(Third's POV):

Luna was now standing in front of her brother Naruto's apartment door. Wondering if she should just knock like she normally does or to just barge right into the apartment; for when she tries to wake him up the peaceful way, it never really works out in the end.

' I'll just barge in there and use my Water Whip Jutsu on him.' She thought with a smirk like smile on her face.

(AU Note: The Water Whip Jutsu is a real technique in the Naruto show!!! Look it up).

(Luna's POV):

I got out the extra key to Naruto's apartment that he gave to me, unlocked the door and walked inside.

The place was a mess all. He had his clothes on the floor and empty Ramen containers littered the floor as well. I scrunched my nose up at the smell that filled the room in discust(sp?).

"Really Otouto what am I gonna to with you?" I say outloud as I walk over towards Naruto's bed and see him spread out on his bed with his little sleep hat on his head. And is snoring loudly, which sometimes makes me glad that I don't have to share an apartment with him, for I would probably never be able to get any sleep.

'Alright, here we go.' I thought to myself as I started to focus on my chakra flowing through my body and towards my hands. As I prepared myself to perform my Water Style: Water Whip Jutsu.

This jutsu can be described as being an extension of the body making it used for long ranged attacks. (AU: Think of this jutsu as the move from the show Avatar: The Last Airbender).

There was a few moments of silence before my knucklehead of a brother shot up in his bed screaming his head off. Which I hope was from the coldness of the Water Whip.

'Hehe!!!' (Inner Luna)(AU: I figured that since Sakura has an inner self I will make Luna have one as well though her 'inner self' might not appear as much later on we will just see how it turns out i'm typing whatever comes into my mind at the moment).Back to the story^_^.

'Now that my Otouto is up I'm gonna go and make him a real breakfast this morning' I thought to myself while turning around and walking towards the small kitchen that's in the apartment.

(Naruto's POV): (Dream) (Au: This might be the only time that I do this for another character that is not Luna)

(No One's POV):

A 5 year old Naruto stood facing the entire village surrounding him crying. Wondering why everyone treated him the way that they always do.

All of the villagers that were surrounding the 5 year old boy had their families surrounding them while he was all by himself. Or so he thought.

Suddenly, a type of light appeared next to the crying Naruto. Blinding him for a minute.

Once the light died down, a girl stood in the place of the light. He realized with a start that it was his sister. She stood there next to him, with a determined look on her face while facing the people of the village with a harsh glare that could rival the Uchiha's.

"Leave my brother alone!!" the 6 year old Luna shouted towards the villagers surrounding them with a strong voice.

Once the villagers noticed that the young girl was standing next to the 'demon' boy, they started to disperse. Not wanting to face the little red head for they know not to get her angry. Even if she is only 6 years old. They've seen her defend her brother; and she can pack quite a punch.

Once they were all gone and the only people that were in the area were the Uzumaki siblings. The girl walked towards her brother and brought him into a tight hug. Then they both sunk to the ground on their knees and Luna let her brother cry into her shoulder getting it all soaked with his tears.

When the 5 year old Naruto stopped crying he stood back up on his feet with a determined look upon his face.

Luna looked up at her brother from the ground with a confused expression apparent on her face.

"What is it Naru-Kun?" She asked while tilting her head to the side slightly.

"One day people will respect and look up to me!! For one day I will become the Hokage of this village!!" The young Naruto said more like shouted out while punching his fist up into the air.

His sister stared up at him, in shock for she has never seen her brother this determined on anything before this. She smiled up at her brother and stood up abruptly and basically jumped on her brorther and that sudden force made him fall backword towards the ground. He shouted out in surprise.

And that is when in the 'real' world that his sister Luna used her water whip jutsu on his face to wake him up causing him to not only shout out in surprise in his dream but on the outside of his dream as well.

(End Dream):

(Luna's POV):

Once I heard my brother shout out in surprise after a few seconds I had a smile upon my face. Now you may be thinking that 'what a horrible thing to do to your brother' well your wrong. When you have a brother that likes to pull pranks on people wouldn't you like to get him back every once in a while? I know I would and that is exactly what I did.

*Time Skip*

(Luna's POV):

We were on our way towards the academy for the meeting of finding out who was on our teams as gennin when I heard shuffling feet behind us.

"Hey Naru-kun you hear that as well right?" I whisper in my brother's ear as we still continue to walk towards the Academy/

The response that I got back was a nod of the head.

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