Luna Uzumaki (A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story)

We have all heard of the story of Naruto Uzumaki right? But we haven't heard of his sister, Luna Uzumaki. What if she had part of the Nine- Tails in her as well? This is Luna's story on how she finds her life as a Ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I do Not own Naruto rights go to the creator I only own my characters


8. Chapter 7: Konohamaru's (Perverted) Sensei


  "WHAT!!!" Konohamaru shouted.

"It's not that simple. You keep saying Hokage, Hokage. To really be a Hokage, you know what you'll have to do?" Naruto states, and what he will say next will be kinda true in some ways.

"What? What is it?" Konohamaru states serious about the answer my brother is about to give to him.

I look towards my brother and see him smiling/smirking slightly.

"You're gonna have to defeat me in battle." My brother states very confidently towards Konohamaru.

I continue to smile at how my brother is never gonna let anyone get in his way of accomplishing his life long dream of becoming the Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

End Recap:


Chapter 7 Starts Now^_^

(Luna's POV):

   After what I think was the most intelligent thing that my brother has said was said; a voice suddenly was heard.

  " Ha! I finally found you!!" A confident voice shouted from above us up in the trees.

  All three of us look up from our spot on the ground, and into the trees towering above us to see the ninja from earlier today that was with Konohamaru. Grinning at us with a confident smirk plastered upon his face. Though that smirk of his cannot compare to the Uchiha's famous glare.

'Why am I thinking about duck-butt at a time like this?' I think to myself with a confused frown upon my face. 

  (Third POV):

 The Jounin ninja stared down at the three kids with an intense look shown behind his dark sunglasses.

  'Hmm! The Nine-Tailed Fox brats' The Jounin thought while Naruto glared up at the elite ninja before him.

  'That icy stare. They all look at me that way.' He thought while his sister was thinking something completely different.

   'If that guy thinks he can beat up my brother than he is sadly mistaken for he will have to go through me before he even can get close to getting anywhere near him.' Luna thought to herself while she has a small smirk on her face while looking up at the elite jounin ninja.

   (Back to Luna's POV):

The jounin finally jumped down from the tree and now stood before us.

  "Now then, honorable grandson, time to go home." The ninja said, but Konohamaru protested against him.

   "No way!!! I'm learning how to beat my grandfather so that I can get the title 'Hokage'!! Now don't get in my way!!!!" Konohamaru shouted out clearly with the same determination as Naruto in wanting to become Hokage for the same exact reason, so that he could finally be excepted as a member of the village.

  *Time Skip to the fight*

(AU: I don't want to talk about what Ebisu says^_^)

   "The Hokage must be skilled at a thousand jutsus. You don't even know one." The dude said. When he said that straight out without any remourse in his voice I just openly stared at him gobsmacked that he would even say that to a child, without even considering his or her feelings on that matter.

  "Transform!!!" I heard Konohamaru shout trying to prove his disrespectful sensei wrong about not knowing any jutsus. I turn my body around and face him as he actual got the jutsu that my brother made up right for once.

 There where Kohonahamaru once stood, was now replaced by a nude, tall shoulder length black haired girl with her private parts covered by large poofs of smoke.

"Hi there!!! Like my jutsu?" The transformation girls voice sounded as she gave a wink towards the jounin.

  I look towards the jounin who has his mouth hanging wide open. I just roll my eyes at the state that he is in right now. 'He's just like every other pervert out there.' I thought with a disgusted look that I know is forming upon my face.   

  "W- Wa- What kind of scandalous technique is that??!!! Such tasteless bulgaridy could never influence me. I am far above it."  

  I just growled slightly at the sight before me.

   The jounin ninja pulling as hard as he can against the scarf that Konohamaru is wearing, while trying to escape from the elite ninja's grasp.

  "Honorable Grandson, stop this right now!!!" the Jounin shouted struggling to pull the kid towards him.

 "Naruto's turning you into a deliquint(sp?)!! Only my special training can put you onto the fast track into becoming the Hokage!!!" the jounin accused my brother of doing nothing of what was said about him.

  "Just  Leave  Me   alone!!!!!" Shouted a still struggling Konohamaru.

I turned my attention towards my brother while giving him a look in a silent communicating way telling him I have a plan.He nods his head in agreement.  And that plan is.

  "Shadow Clone Jutsu!!!!!!" We both shout out and as a result a huge amount of smoke quickly surrounds the area that is surrounding us.

  "Wow!!! This is unreal!!!!" Konohamaru shouts at the large number's of Naruto's and Luna's that are now present within the small clearing.

 'haha looks like you have a fan Naru-kun' Luna thought while she glanced to the right at where Konohamaru was standing watching her brother fight his sensei.

(Third POV):

  "Hmm I'm not impressed." The clad in blue jounin states as he readjusts his sunglasses.

"I'm a jounin an elite ninja warrior. I'm not some light weight like Mizuki. Watch, how a real ninja defeats an upstart." continues Ebisu as he walks towards the two siblings.

  "Come on boss." Konohamaru whispers wanting the siblings to win. More specifically for Naruto to win.

"Ready." Ebisu states getting in a defensive stance.

"Transform!!!!!" All the Naruto's shouted as they all formed the handsigns for the jutsu.

Smoke appeared.

And as a result a girly version of Naruto appeared that is not like his sister.

There was still some puffs of smoke on the girls private parts.

Then suddenly they were all over Ebisu calling him 'Master'. While his sister had an irk mark appear on the back of her head.

   Suddenly Ebisu had a bunch of blood coming out of his nose and he flew back into the air with the blood trailing after him. He lands on the ground knocked out and twitching on his side.

"Gotcha with my Harem jutsu" Naruto says as he cancels the technique.

***A While Later***

(Luna's POV):

        "Awe man!! I couldn't even beat that snobby trainer of mine!! I wanna be Hokage so bad, but I keep messing up. Why can't I do it??!!!!" Konohamaru shouted upset with himself.

"You really think it's that easy?"Naruto asks.

"Huh?" Konohamaru asks interested.

  "To be Hokage you have to be the greatest of all ninja. You have to prove yourself so everyone believes in you. Look at me, I've been through alot already. I've been ignored, pushed away, and treated like I had the plague or something. And after all that, I found one person who believes in me besides my sister. Too find that one person, I had to get knocked down alot. So you better make sure that you're ready." Naruto says as he turns away from Konohamaru his back facing the boy.

"Huh? For What?" Konohamaru asks confused.

  "For lots of sweat and tears. While you're learning to be a ninja.Haha, by the way, there's no easy way in becoming Hokage, believe it." Naruto finishes his speech while I come up from behind Konohamaru, and place my hand on his head and ruffle his hair slightly and smile at his confused face, and walk towards my brother.

"Who are you anyway giving me a big lecture like that? That's it! I'm not gonna be your apprentice anymore. From now on we're rivals." Konohamaru states with a great big smile upon his face.

  "Haha. Well I can't be your trainer anyway. Tomorrow I start my advanced ninja studies, but I except your challenge, and someday we'll fight for the title of Lord Hokage. So let's both look forward to that day, Konohamaru." Naruto states as he starts walking towards home, I smile back at Konohamaru and wave goodbye to him as well and start to follow my brother back towards our home.

  'Naruto, in my eyes I believe that you will become a great Hokage one day, maybe even greater than the fourth Hokage.' I thought to myself with a smile upon my face.

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