Luna Uzumaki (A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story)

We have all heard of the story of Naruto Uzumaki right? But we haven't heard of his sister, Luna Uzumaki. What if she had part of the Nine- Tails in her as well? This is Luna's story on how she finds her life as a Ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I do Not own Naruto rights go to the creator I only own my characters


6. Chapter 5: Meeting Konohamaru!!!!

( Later the next morning/afternoon I don't know.):

( Ontop of the Academy Building):

(Luna's POV):

Today is the day when we get our pictures taken to register as an official ninja of the village. Me and Naruto were on our way towards the Academy to get our photo's taken.

"Naruto you know you're going to get an earful from Gramps once he sees the picture of you like this." I say to my brother as we head up the steps to where we take the picture. He has this rediculous design painted on his face.

"Awe come on sis it'll be fine!" My brother whines towards me. I just shake my head at his antics, not bothering to argue with him anymore.

"Whatever just don't whine about having to retake the photo again." I reply as we reach the top where the photographer is waiting. I go first. It turned out perfect. Now I wait for my brother to take his. The photographer just looked at my brother weirdly.

" Listen kid, you sure you want me to take your picture looking like that?" the guy said.

" Just come on already, come on come on!!!" Naruto shouted while the camera guy got ready to take my brothers rediculous photo.

"Alright don't blame me later." the guy gets under the sheet and takes my brothers photo.

Afterwards we go inside the academy where the Hokage is waiting for us.

After I show the old man my pic he approves of it and now I just wait near the door waiting to see what Gramps has to say about Naruto's pic. Though from the looks Gramps is giving I have a feeling he will make my brother retake it.

"Hehe!! At first you know I couldn't figure out exactly how to do it. It took me like 3 hours to figure how to do it. But finally I got, like a art project on my face only a lot cooler!" My brother explained sounding accomplished at his idiotic idea.

I just shook my head.

"Take it again." the Hokage said with a straight face.

'Just as I thought. But he didn't listen.' I think while smiling slightly at my brother disbelieving face.

"Told you Naruto." I say while walking towards him.

" We can't except this photo." continues Gramps.

"Yeah!! Well i'm not doing it again!!!" argues my brother even though I told him before not to complain about having to retake the photo. I'm now standing beside him and snake him on the back of his head.

"Naruto!!! I told you not to complain." I say as he now rubs the bump he now has on his head.

They both have a stare down.

"Transform!!!" my brother shouts and it's the stupid technique that he got Iruka sensei with his 'sexy jutsu'.

"Pretty please Lord Hokage!!!" the girl Naruto asks in a high voice.

The next thing I know is the Hokage is on the floor with a bloody nose.

'So old Gramps is a secret pervert?' I think to myself as the old man recollects himself once again, while I just shake my head at the scene.

Naruto transforms back.

Suddenly I sense a presence outside the room.

"That's the 'sexy jutsu' you say? very tricky. Much too tricky, don't do it again!" the Hokage states wiping the blood off his nose.

My brother just laughs it off.

"And where is your headband? Naruto. You're supposed to be wearing it like your sister." The Hokage states.

"Oh I'm not putting it on until orientation. I don't want to mess it up." My brother answers while messing around with his goggles that I got him a long time ago.

"So, you want your headband nice. While your photo, which is supposed to identify you makes you look like a clown. It's for ninja training and missions, which is the key to your future. Look at this picture you can't even tell who it is!!" The old man lectures Naruto while looking at the photo.

"Wll fine!!! How am I suppose to know all this complicated stuff anyway!!??" My brother asks.

" Well you would know this if you payed attention to what Iruka Sensei said in class." I state even though I go unanswered as usual.(AU: pretend that was something they learned in the academy^_^).

After I say that I look towards the door where I spot a glint of light.

'Is that a weapon? who would try to attack with ninja in the room?' I question myself while keeping my attention on the door throughout the rest of the conversation.

(Third Person's POV):

Suddenly both the Hokage and Naruto have there attention towards the door, while Luna already had her attention on it.

A little boy with a shuriken in his right hand came running into the room.

"Old man, I challenge you!!! I'm going to defeat you and become the fifth Hokage!!!" The little boy shouted.

As he is running, he trips over his long blue scarf that he has around his neck that drops down to the floor.

The room is silent. Until the boy starts to cry.

'My grandson, another headache' is the Hokage's thoughts while watching his grandson cry on the floor.

Another ninja appears in the doorway.

"Eghm something tripped me." The kid states while rubbing his head.

The ninja in the doorway looks around the room.

"Are you ok Honorable Grandson? And by the way, there's nothing here for you to trip on it's pretty flat.

'Ehhhh who is this shrimp?' Naruto thinks to himself while looking towards the honorable grandson.

The kid then glances from Luna with a mesmerised look to Naruto with a glare.

The ninja in the door way looks from Luna to her brother. but his eyes stay on Luna a little longer than necessary.

'Why is that guy looking at me like that? It's creeping me out.' Luna thought noticing the ninja's stare.

'It's that kid!!!hmm the nine tailed fox. of course, he's the worst kind of trouble maker.' the ninja thinks only mentioning Naruto for he is the one who causes the most trouble around the village rather than his sister.

The kid then walks towards Naruto pointing his finger in Naruto's face.

"Alright!! You're the one who tripped me aren't you?!!" The kid shouts why Luna walks towards the boys and stands behind her brother with her hands on her hips.

"Actually kid, you tripped over that scarf that you have around your neck there." Luna stated while a smile is plastered upon her face amused.

  After Luna's statement the kid glanced up towards her with a thoughtful look on his face.

'She's pretty.' He thought while blushing slightly.

 "Grrr, You tripped over your own feet dork!!!" Naruto shouted while grabbing the kid by the scarf.

Right after Naruto grabbed the kid, his sister who is still behind him slapped him over the head once again almost making him drop the kid to the floor. Almost.

  "Owww!!!" Naruto shouted while using his free hand to rub his sore head once again. While he did that the little kid was silently laughing at the girl hitting Naruto in the head.

  'I like her she's funny' the kid thought while trying to hold his laughter in.

  "Heyy you take your hands off of him right now!!!  He's the Honorable Grandson of the Honorable Third Hokage!!!" the shades ninja shouted while gesturing towards the hokage who sat calmly at the desk with his arms folded holding his head up.

Naruto glanced towards the hokage and the kid.

'That stopped him. Just like all the rest. Ha! Now that he knows who I am, he won't dare lay a finger on me.' the grandson of the third thought to himself while a smirk is visable on his face.

"What's the matter huh? I thought you were gonna hit me, tough guy. Afraid because the Third Hokage is my Grandfather?!!" the Grandson shouted towards Naruto.

  "I don't care if he's your Grandmother!!! So Believe it!!!" Naruto shouted/responded while looking angry and knocking the kid on the back of his head while walking out the door.

The kid slowly fell to the floor thinking.

'this guy's different' the kid thought while Luna stayed behind shaking her head at her brother's antics once again.


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